Epic Games buys Fall Guys developer Mediatonic

Mediatonic, the creator of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, has been purchased by Epic Games. Fall Guys became an internet sensation upon its release in August, and given its success, the acquisition isn’t surprising. For now, there’ll be no immediate changes to the game, but an FAQ by Mediatonic answers some questions players may have.

Will Fall Guys still be on Steam and consoles or be an Epic Game Store exclusive?

Fall Guys

According to Mediatonic’s statement, Fall Guys will continue to be available for purchase and play via Steam. Like with Rocket League, updates will also continue to be provided on that platform.

Mediatonic’s plans to bring Fall Guys to additional platforms are also unimpeded by the Epic Games purchase. The title will make its way to Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles in the future.

Will Fall Guys be free-to-play?

When Epic Games acquired the studio behind Rocket League, Psyonix, the game became free-to-play. Right now, players can purchase fall Guys for $19.99 on PC and PlayStation, but fans are wondering whether it’ll follow the same path Rocket League did.

Mediatonic states that it has nothing to announce about potentially going free-to-play once Fall Guys is published by Epic Games. However, since the hype around the game has cooled significantly, we’d place our bet on the game moving to a free-to-play model at some point in the future, perhaps when the new console versions are released.

Fortunately, Mediatonic’s statement indicates that the same team will continue working on the game and will be working on bringing new features, cross-play, new modes, costumes, rounds, and additional content to the game.

Will Devolver Digital still publish Fall Guys?

The FAQ didn’t directly address Mediatonic’s future relationship with Devolver Digital. However, fans can assume that Epic Games will become the publisher of Fall Guys.