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Are there Spelunky 2 Nintendo Switch and Xbox One versions?

Is a Spelunky 2 Nintendo Switch port coming out? What about a Spelunky 2 Xbox One version? In this guide, we cover whether or not you should expect to see Spelunky 2 release for more than just PS4 and PC.

Is Spelunky 2 coming to Nintendo Switch?

Spelunky 2 Nintendo Switch

At the time of writing, there are no known plans to release Spelunky 2 on Switch. Unfortunately, there’s no Spelunky 2 Nintendo Switch release date to look forward to as a result.

Spelunky developer Derek Yu (@Mossmouth) has previously stated on Twitter that he’d like to “put something on” the Nintendo Switch. Despite this, the original Spelunky was never ported to Nintendo’s hybrid console and the sequel hasn’t yet been confirmed.

There is hope, however, as Yu’s stated that when the PS4 and Steam versions of Spelunky 2 release he and the dev team will “look into other platforms.” That will more than likely include the Nintendo Switch, helping to further the goal of allowing “as many people to play as possible.”

Is Spelunky 2 coming to Xbox One?

Spelunky 2 Xbox One

Currently, no plans have been announced regarding a Spelunky 2 Xbox One port. That means there’s not a Spelunky 2 Xbox One release date to mark on your calendar, unfortunately.

The original Spelunky first hit Xbox 360’s Xbox Live Arcade service, making the sequel’s omission of the Xbox One platform disappointing to many. Although Xbox players won’t be getting Spelunky 2 at launch, there is a chance it’ll hit Microsoft’s home console in the future.

Developer Mossmouth has stated that it will “look into other platforms” following the game’s initial PC and PS4 launch. One of those “other platforms” is likely to be the Xbox One, or, failing that, the Xbox Series X.

Are Spelunky 2 Nintendo Switch and Xbox One versions coming out?

  • Spelunky 2 is launching exclusively for PS4 and PC via Steam.
  • Xbox One and Nintendo Switch ports have not been confirmed at this time.
  • The developer plans to “look into other platforms” following the initial PC and PS4 launch.
  • These platforms will most likely include Switch and Xbox.