Grounded | All Smoothie Recipes List

The world of Grounded is full of items you probably wouldn’t want to eat or drink. However, you can use some of these disgusting ingredients whip up various beverages at the Smoothie Station to heal, manage hunger and thirst, or provide different effects. Here’s a look at all smoothie recipes in Grounded and what you’ll need to craft them.

List of All Smoothie Recipes in Grounded

list of all smoothie recipes in Grounded

There seven different smoothie recipes in Grounded so far. Each recipe calls for a different set of ingredients, with Plant Fiber being the only recurring ingredient. All recipes can be crafted at the Smoothie Station.

Here’s a list of every smoothie recipe in Grounded:

  • Boost Juice – Aphid, Acorn Bits, Mushroom
    • Heals, fills hunger, and increases max stamina
  • Fuzz on the Rocks – Mite Fuzz, Pebblet, Quartzite
    • Heals, fills thirst, and increases max health
  • Gastro Goo – Gas Sack, Fungal Growth, Honey
    • Heals, fills thirst, and adds toxin defense
  • Green Machine – Clover Leaf, Sprig, Plant Fiber
    • Heals, fills thirst, and increases stamina regeneration
  • Hedge Lord – Acorn Bits, Aphid Honeydew, Berry Chunks
    • Heals, and lowers both hunger and thirst rate
  • Liquid Gills – Clover Leaf, Eelgrass Strands, Plant Fiber
    • Grants underwater protection
  • Liquid Rage – Ant Mandible, Larvae Spike, Spider Fang
    • Heals, fills hunger, and increases damage dealt

The Liquid Gills recipe is the game’s latest addition. You may not have found Eelgrass Strands yet, as they weren’t available in the game previously. However, this new item was introduced in the Grounded Water update this month, and Liquid Gills will be important when it comes to aquatic exploration.

To actually craft recipes, you’re going to need a Smoothie Station. If you don’t have one yet, you can make one by combining one Acorn Top, four Sprigs, and five Grub Goops.

Grounded has a smoothie recipe for just about any occasion. Each of these unsavory-sounding beverages can be whipped up with common items you’ll find all across the world. Keep collecting anything you find, and concerns over hunger or thirst will be a thing of the past.