What is the Celebrity Lookalike App for iPhone, Android, and PC?

If you’re asking yourself “which celebrity do I look like?” then one way to find out is by using the trending celebrity lookalike app. Star by Face for iPhone, Android, and PC browsers is able to take your photo and compare you to various celebrities. You’ve likely seen social media users sharing their results, and now you’re able to access StarByFace and do it for yourself. Read on for everything you need to know, as well as a pretty big warning.

What is the Celebrity Lookalike App?

What is the Celebrity Lookalike App

The celebrity lookalike app is called Star by Face. It’s available to download on iPhone, Android, and accessible through web browsers on PC.

How to install the celebrity lookalike app on iPhone, Android, and PC:

  • To install Star by Face on iPhone, here‘s the official link to the app on the App Store.
  • To install Star by Face on Android, you’ll want to follow the official link to the Play Store here.
  • As for PC and mobile web browsers, simply head to StarByFace.com to start the process.

Once you receive your results, you’ll be able to share them on social media. Posting them to Twitter, Facebook, or another chosen social media platform will no doubt be entertaining for your followers.

Is the Star By Face app safe to download and use?

Of course, when submitting your personal photos to any app, be wary of the potential misuse of your images. If you would prefer images remained entirely private, you may want to avoid using your own photos.

For those with privacy concerns, StarByFace offers a number of sample photos for you to use instead. You can still enjoy app and website, without putting yourself at any potential risk.

At the time of writing, StarByFace has ~2.5 stars on both the App Store and Play Store out of a possible five. We’d recommend reading recent user reviews for a gist at the current state of the app.