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Alien: Isolation Crafting Guide

Crafting Guide

Some weapons and items in Alien: Isolation are found during a normal playthrough, while others must be crafted. The equipment listed below can crafted with the listed materials.

EMP Mine

  • Description: Like all good video game EMPs, this mine shoots out an electric wave at enemies. It's very useful against the Androids without the protective suits.
  • Ingredients: 25 Scrap, 1 SCJ Injector, 2 Sensors, 3 Charge Packs, 2 Bonding Agents


  • Description: Obviously the flare helps light up areas, but it can also be thrown to distract the Alien.


  • Description: The flashbang disorients enemies and gives you time to run away. It does not work against the Alien though, so don't even try.
  • Ingredients: 10 Scrap, 1 Bonding Agent, 1 Blasting Cap, 1 Sensor


  • Description: Medkits heal half of your overall life meter. Be sure to keep a lot of them handy.
  • Ingredients: 10 Scrap, 1 SCJ Injector, 1 Compound B, 1 Bonding Agent


  • Description: Just as the flamethrower works on the alien, the molotov does too. It also works against other enemies of course. Overall lesson: fire is awesome.
  • Ingredients: 25 Scrap, 2 Sensors, 2 Ethanol, 1 Blasting Cap, 2 Compound Bs


  • Description: Throw the noisemaker in another direction to distract enemies and get away or sneak by an area.
  • Ingredients: 10 Scrap, 1 Charge Pack, 1 Sensor, 1 SCJ Injector

Pipe Bomb

  • Description: This explosive can be thrown to hurt enemies, and it even damages the Alien. Just be careful, as the Alien will recover and come after you if you're not cautious.
  • Ingredients: 25 Scrap, 2 Blasting Caps, 1 Ethanol, 2 Sensors, 2 SCJ Injectors

Smoke Bomb

  • Description: Create an area of smoke to hide from enemies, but don't use it against the Alien. It can see right through the smoke and will still come after you.
  • Ingredients: 10 Scrap, 1 Ethanol, 1 Sensor, 1 Bonding Agent

Stun Baton

  • Description: As the name implies, the Stun Baton stuns enemies. Definitely use it against Androids if you find yourself cornered by them.