Box art - Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation Equipment Guide

Equipment Guide

Alien: Isolation includes different items and weapons to help players avoid the Alien and deal with other enemy threats. This guide only details weapons the player receives or finds along the way – a guide for crafting equipment can be found in the Crafting Guide.

Access Tuner

  • Location: Story-related
  • Description: This item allows players to hack computers and doors. To do so, a minigame must be completed in which the player matches icons.

Bolt Gun

  • Location: Mission 14 (The Descent)
  • Description: A gun that needs time to charge. Despite the delay between charging up and shooting, it deals a lot of damage. Another weapon that's particularly useful against Androids.


  • Location: Mission 10 (The Trap)
  • Description: Arguably the best weapon in the game, since it directly prevents the Alien from killing you and sends it running away. Also works against all other enemies and deals massive damage.

Motion Detector

  • Location: Story-related
  • Description: The main item in the game which tracks both the Alien and other enemies, such as androids and humans.

Plasma Torch

  • Location: Story-related
  • Description: The Plasma Torch cuts through metal to get through vents and other blocked off passageways. Eventually it can be upgraded to a more powerful version called the Ion Torch.


  • Location: Mission 3 (Encounters)
  • Description: The most basic gun in the game, but it gets the job done. Holds six bullets at a time.


  • Location: Mission 11 (Hazard Containment)
  • Description: Obviously more powerful than the Revolver, the Shotgun acts as a great weapon to take out Androids.