Box art - Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation PC Cheats

General Tips
  • Sound is huge in this game. Make sure you have the TV cranked up or headphones on so you can listen to the Alien, just as it listens for you.
  • Never run. Ever. The Alien hears louder footsteps, so running is almost always suicide.
  • Avoid fighting other enemies. The Alien isn't the only threat in the game, but stealth is your best approach even against other humans and androids.
  • Watch out for the Alien drool – that means it's in a vent above you. Walking under the Alien guarantees death.
  • The flamethrower and molotov are two of the only items/weapons that work against the Alien. Burning the Alien can often save you from instant death, as it runs away from the fire.
  • Alien: Isolation is very much a trial-and-error kind of game. The Alien will often find you, so it's about adjusting on the fly and doing your best to move quietly at any given moment. Don't feel too bad if you die a lot in the process.
  • Craft items often. You don't want to be holding onto materials for a long time, otherwise it's just a waste.
  • Two simple words: save often.




AwakeComplete the first mission
Welcome to SevastopolComplete the second mission
A Hunt BeginsComplete the third mission
You Shouldn't Be ThereComplete the fourth mission
How Do You Feel?Complete the fifth mission
Caught in the TrapComplete the sixth mission
An Outpost of ProgressComplete the seventh mission
Shock to the SystemUse the stun baton
BaitComplete the tenth mission
Hazard ContainmentComplete the eleventh mission
A Synthetic SolutionComplete the twelfth mission
ConsultationComplete the thirteenth mission
SurvivorComplete the game on the hardest difficulty setting
Ripley, Signing OffComplete the game on any difficulty setting
The MissingCollect an ID tag
The TakenCollect all ID tags
ArchivistCollect 10 Nostromo logs in the main campaign
Light 'Em UpUse the flamethrower
Just Out of ReachContact your team and escape Comms without being attacked by an android
Use With Caution...Use the shotgun
Every Bullet CountsUse the revolver
Self DefenseKill 10 humans
Not a ScratchEscape from android combat without taking damage
A Perfect OrganismEncounter the Alien in Sevastopol for the first time
She's in the Vents...Use the vent system 20 times
I Admire Its PurityDetect 30 targets with the motion tracker
Build to SurviveConstruct an item
Mercy or PrudenceComplete the game without killing any humans
Seegson Security BypassPerform 10 successful hacks
Seegson Systems ExpertComplete 10 minigames successfully
Power GamesAccess 10 different rewire points
A True EngineerConstruct one of each craftable item
A Record of DisasterCollect an archive log
Voices of SevastopolCollect 100 archive logs
Fault DetectedKill an Android
Throwing the SwitchComplete the fourteenth mission
The MessageComplete the fifteenth mission
Hide. Run. Survive.Complete the fifth mission without being killed by the Alien
TransmissionComplete the sixteenth mission
One ShotComplete the game without dying
Free the TorrensComplete the seventeenth mission
End of the HuntComplete the eighteenth mission
This Should WorkUse the bolt gun
My Turn NowKill an android using only the maintenance jack
Retreat From FireCause the Alien to retreat using a molotov
Back OffCause the Alien to retreat by using the flamethrower
StunnedKnock down a human or stun an android with a non-lethal attack
Mind Your StepNavigate Reactor Maintenance without dying
100 Times Too ManyGet killed by the Alien 100 times
Not the FirstTurn off the beacon