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Watch Dogs Skill Guide

Skill Guide

Watch Dogs is best known for the way in incorporates hacking into the game itself, but players can purchase upgrades that extend beyond that central mechanics. There are four main categories (Combat, Crafted Items, Driving, and Hacking), and the upgrades for each are listed below.



Combat1FocusSlow Aiden's perception of time.1
Combat2Stealth SprintReduce the detection radius of sprinting while in combat. (requires Focus)4
Combat2Critical FocusReplenish Aiden's Focus meter when his health is critically low. (requires Stealth Sprint)5
Combat2Improved FocusIncrease the maximum duration of Aiden's Focus ability. (requires Focus)2
Combat2Slowed FocusTimes moves even slower while using Focus. (requires Improved Focus)3
Combat2Maximized FocusGreatly increases the maximum duration of Aiden's Focus ability. (requires Slowed Focus)5
Weapon1Quick SwitchIncrease Aiden's speed when swapping between weapons.1
Weapon2Pistol ExpertIncreases rate-of-fire with semi-automatic pistols. (requires Quick Switch)2
Weapon2Shotgun ExpertIncreases shotgun damage against vehicles. (requires Pistol Expert)3
Weapon2Sniper Rifle ExpertIncrease scope stability with all sniper rifles. (requires Shotgun Expert)5
Weapon2Auto Weapons ExpertIncreases burst-fire precision with automatic weapons. (requires Shotgun Expert)5
Tactical1Steady AimDecreases weapon recoil.1
Tactical2DemolitionistIncreases Aiden's amount of carried explosives. (requires Steady Aim)3
Tactical2Expert DemolitionistFurther increases Aiden's amount of carried explosives. (requires Demolitionist)4
Tactical2Enforced Combat TakedownPerform a combat takedown on an enforcer-class enemy. (requires Expert Demolitionist)5
Tactical2Bullet ResistanceDecreases the damage Aiden takes from small arms fire. (requires Steady Aim)2
Tactical2Blast ResistanceDecreases the damage Aiden takes from explosions. (requires Bullet Resistance)3
Tactical2Rapid ReloadShortens reload times for all weapon types. (requires Blast Resistance)4

Crafted Items


CombatN/ALureAttracts the attention of nearby enemies.Default
CombatN/AFocus BoostPills that provide a massive and instant Focus recovery. (requires Lure)2
TacticalN/AJam CommsInterrupt phone calls and scramble ctOS scans. (requires Lure)1
TacticalN/ABlackoutSingle-use device that plunges several city blocks into darkness. (requires Jam Comms)1
TacticalN/ActOS ScanSingle-use device that scans an area to detect and tag enemies. (requires Blackout)3
ExplosiveN/AFrag GrenadeIt's a grenade. You throw it and count to three, then boom. (requires Lure)1
ExplosiveN/AI.E.D.Remote-detonated improvised explosive devices that are highly effective against vehicles. (requires Frag Grenade)2
ExplosiveN/AProximity I.E.D.Improvised explosive devices affixed with proximity sensors. (requires I.E.D.)3



N/A1Car UnlockDisables car alarms and allows Aiden to remotely unlock cars.1
N/A1Defensive DriverDecreases amount of vehicle damage taken during collisions. (requires Car Unlock)2
N/A2Precision DriverTires have a lower chance of popping.3
N/A2Escape ArtistImproves the radius of the hide-in-car ability during evasions. (requires Precision Driver)5
N/A2Off-Road DriverImproves handling on grass and dirt. (requires Defensive Driver)3
N/A2Offensive DriverCause more damage to other vehicles during collisions. (requires Off-Road Driver)5



Phone1Hacker's Tool KitAccess electronic devices and various other things.Default
Phone1Extra Battery IAdds another battery slot to Aiden's cell phone.1
Phone1ATM Hack BoostIncreases the amount of money gained by hacking bank accounts with the Profiler.3
Phone2Extra Battery IIAdds another battery slot to Aiden's cell phone. (requires Extra Battery I)3
Phone2Extra Battery IIIAdds another battery slot to Aiden's cell phone. (requires Extra Battery II)5
Phone2Profiler OptimizationAutomatically highlight citizens with valuable items, including system keys, rich bank accounts and rare vehicles. (requires ATM Hack Boost)4
Phone2ATM Hack Boost +Greatly increases the amount of money gained by hacking bank accounts with the Profiler. (requires Profiler Optimization)5
Utility1UtilitiesOverload building utilities (junction boxes, fuse panels, etc) to create deadly or distracting explosions.Default
Utility1L-Train ControlStart and stop Chicago's elevated train system at will.1
Utility1TransformersCreate large-scale blackouts by overloading large transformers. (requires L-Train Control)3
Utility2Disrupt Enemy CommsDistract an enemy by sending a painful amount of feedback through his helmet communicator.3
Utility2Disable Reinforcement CallsPrevent an enemy from calling for backup during combat.5
ctOS1Traffic LightsRedirect traffic signals, potentially causing accidents and eliminating pursuing vehicles.Default
ctOS1Gates and GaragesOpen and close gates or garage doors.1
ctOS1BridgesRaise, lower, open and close Chicago's various bridges. (requires Gates and Garages)1
ctOS1BlockersRaise or lower traffic bollards to eliminate pursuing vehicles.1
ctOS2Steam PipesOverload steam pipes that vent to the city streets, causing dangerous explosions. (requires Bridges)3
ctOS2Road SpikesRaise and lower spike strips across town, disabling pursuing vehicles by popping their tires. (requires Blockers)2
ctOS2Disable HelicopterDisable an enemy helicopter for 15 seconds. (requires Gates and Garages)2
ctOS2Improved Disable HelicopterDisable an enemy helicopter for 30 seconds. (requires Disable Helicopter)3