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Crusader Kings 3 | Why does everyone hate me?

You may find yourself in an unenviable position in Crusader Kings 3. No matter what you do, it seems like everyone has a negative opinion of you. When everyone hates you, it can be challenging to maintain control levels and maintain relationships with your vassals and foreign rulers. So, why can no one stand you even when it seems like you have done nothing negative to deserve it?

Why does everyone have a negative opinion of me in Crusader Kings 3?

Sometimes, you’ll find that almost everyone in Crusader Kings 3 hates you. Your wife hates you, your council hates you, your vassals hate you, your children are born hating you. Additionally, no matter what you do, you can’t seem to improve anyone’s feelings.

There are a few factors that may cause your character to be incredibly unlikable in Crusader Kings 3. In my experience, this is most likely to occur when you’ve just taken control of your heir, and they have low diplomacy, which is made even lower by another negative trait. Everyone in your kingdom will automatically have a negative opinion modifier if your reign is to short.

Crusader Kings 3 Inbred Trait

The number one thing that will get you into a situation where everyone hates you, and you can’t improve their negative options in Crusader Kings 3 is the Inbred trait.

The Inbred trait has the following effects on any character born with it:

  • Diplomacy: -5
  • Martial: -5
  • Stewardship: -5
  • Intrigue: -5
  • Learning: -5
  • Prowess: -2
  • Fertility: -30%
  • Health: Severe Penalty
  • Attraction Opinion: -30
  • Vassal Opinion: -10

You’re already going to have a slight negative modifier from a short reign if you’re just taking control of a character. Then, you’re hit with a -10 for every vassal in your kingdom. Add a few more traits that give negative modifiers like Foreign Culture or (Religion) is Hostile, and you’ll find it hard to pull out of the downward spiral.

There aren’t many ways to fix this situation. Fortunately, just because everyone hates you, it doesn’t mean your kingdom has to be unstable. You can hold feasts as often as possible to get the positive opinion modifiers, but those will just be a stopgap. You’ll have issues gaining support, but you can choose the Diplomacy Lifestyle path and start raising your stats. You can also use Dread to help keep your subordinates in line. Your priority should be making sure your heir isn’t affected by any negative traits and holding onto the kingdom until your current ruler dies.