Box art - Angry Birds Transformers

Angry Birds Transformers iPhone Cheats

Tips and Tricks

Flying pigs should be your primary targets as they will try you until they're disposed of.

Summoning partners close to your enemies is a good strategy as they produce a damaging shockwave that damages structures and pigs.

Seeing the Astrotrain at the end of the level doesn't mean you should stop shooting as you can still damage lingering pigs until you are at the ramp and inside.

After the flying pigs, pigs that shoot should be your secondary targets as they pose the biggest threat.

Time lapse cheat runs here. So by setting the time ahead on your phone or tablet, you can skip waiting period and finish the upgrade and other stuff automatically.

However it's best to do this whenever you are about to put your phone or tablet down for awhile. Because if you set the time backward and don’t have time to wait it out, the game will notice and start messing with you (decreasing your upgrade level, draining all health from the birds, etc). So don’t set the time back before bedtime.

It's good to have an upgrade going to one of your birds in order to power them up. Spend, spend and if you can't re-play any available stage for coins and gems.

Need more coins!? Who doesnt!? That's why whenever you beat a stage you will have the option to double your rewards (piggies and gold coins) for watching an advertisement video.

You can scan various Telepod toys into the game using the camera on your device. You'll even get extra bonuses for this.

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