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Tips and Tricks

The Rage skill can activate various effects, including Evade Danger or HP Recovery. It is located at the bottom center of the screen is filled by using combos. You can purchase more powerful Rage skills at the "Get Ready" menu.

When you use an active skill, your character will become invincible for the duration of the skill's animation. Use this to your advantage when you know a big attack is imminent.

Make strategies acording Elements in game. A Hero's element is determined by their weapon's element. A unit's element is determined by their native element. Water beats fire, fire beats grass, grass beats lightning, and lightning beats water. So, when a stronger element attacks a weaker element, their attack damage is increased by 30%.

Horns are used for summoning units or equipment. Friends can send Horns to each other once every 24 hours. The more friends you have, the more chance to get help in a battle. But keep in mind friend units will only fight for fifteen seconds from when summoned.