Forza Horizon 2 Skill Guide

Skill Guide

Forza Horizon 2 includes a skill system in which players can purchase new abilities along the way with points. Listed below are all in-game skills and their respective descriptions.


1X EverywhereSkill chains reward XP
1Drift Star10% increase in drift skills
1It's Not Easy Being Clean10% increase in clean skills
1Slipstream10% increase in drafting skills
1Street RacerEarn 25% more credits for winning Drivatar races
2Bribe RideGet two votes for online road trips
2Clubbed UpClub bonuses give extra XP
2Daily DoubleDouble rewards for payouts
2Ghost KingLonger ghost slate (2 more seconds) for kings
2Hot LapperRival events reward 10% more credits
2Immune SystemReceive a ghost state of 15 seconds in games of infected
2Profit ShareTuning and paint downloads offer 25% more credits
2Risk Taker10% increase in skills
3Bounty HunterMarked Drivatars offer more credits
3Discount PartsAll parts receive a 10% discount
3Hang OnOne second increase for skill chains
3Life in the Fast LaneReceive 10% more XP for event finishes
3Most WantedEarn 25% more XP for driving through speed traps/zones at or greater than 150mph
3PaparazziHorizon promo cars are marked
3Show Off25% increase in skills in free roam
3Skill ShortcutIncreased skill chains
5Bargain Hunter10% discount on Autoshow cars
5Fast Travel AnywhereAs the name implies, fast travel anywhere
5It's a LotteryHorizon wheelspin gives better prizes
5Skill LegendSkill multiplier goes up to six