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How to fix Wasteland 3 crashing on Xbox One

Why is Wasteland 3 crashing on Xbox One? If you’re playing the new tactical RPG, you might’ve encountered an issue with Wasteland 3 crashes on Xbox. Whether you bought the game outright or you’re playing via Xbox Game Pass, there’s a simple fix that probably wouldn’t occur to you naturally. Here’s all the info you need to implement a Wasteland 3 crashing fix for Xbox One.

Wasteland 3 crashing on Xbox One | How to fix

Wasteland 3 crashing on Xbox One

In order to fix Wasteland 3 crashing on Xbox One, you’ll need to disable the game’s autosave feature from the options menu. Several users experiencing crashes have confirmed that this works on Reddit.

The Wasteland 3 crashing problem seems to affect players using the original Xbox One and Xbox One S consoles; those with the more powerful Xbox One X appear to be safe from the annoying issue. Due to this, many have speculated that the Wasteland 3 Xbox One crashing issue is due to the lower-end consoles not having enough horsepower.

The timing of crashes could indicate that this is correct. Reportedly, they most often occur when the game autosaves as the player simultaneously enters a menu screen. It’s possible that the base Xbox One and Xbox One S struggle to juggle both of these tasks at the same time, which results in a game error that prompts a crash.

How to fix Wasteland 3 crashing on Xbox One

  1. Boot up Wasteland 3 on your Xbox One.
  2. Navigate to the options menu and disable the autosave feature.
  3. Remember to manually save often to avoid loss of progress.

As mentioned above, the one downside to fixing the Wasteland 3 crashing issue is the potential loss of progress if you forget to manual save. It’s easy to do in a time when we’re all used to the convenience of autosave functions, but do try to keep it in mind and avoid any further frustration.

Hopefully, InXile Entertainment will release a patch fixing the issue in the future.  If that time comes, it’ll be safe to re-enable autosave in Wasteland 3 on Xbox One.