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Wasteland 3 Animal Companions list | How to unlock

Are there Wasteland 3 animal companions? Adding to your team in this post-apocalyptic world can be as simple as taming wild animals to add to your ranks and fight alongside you. Read on to find out what the complete Wasteland 3 animal companions list is so you know what animals you can add to your unit to fight with you.

Discover, too, how to unlock animal companions in Wasteland 3 below. It’s time to fight alongside that chicken, wolf, or goat.

How to unlock Wasteland 3 Animal Companions

Wasteland 3 Animal Companions

To unlock most Animal Companions in Wasteland 3, you need to unlock the Animal Whisperer Skill. If an Animal is hostile, however, you cannot tame them. Depending on the level of your Animal Whisperer skill, the higher level animals you can recruit to your team. A level one Animal Whisperer skill, for example, can tame animals level Difficulty level 1 or lower, and so on as you level up the skill. Animal Companion damage rises as you raise your Animal Whisperer Skill, too, from +5% to +50% (Animal Whisperer level 10).

At Animal Whisperer level 3, you unlock Animal Training, then Spirit Animal at level 5, and Vengeful Bond at level 7. These Perks increase the skills of your Animal Companions:

  • Animal Training (Animal Whisperer level 3)
    • Animal Companions increase Constitution and damage
  • Spirit Animal (Animal Whisperer level 5)
    • You get improved passive bonuses from your Animal Companions
  • Vengeful Bond (Animal Whisperer level 7)
    • When your Animal Companion drops to 25% Constitution, you gain a 50% Critical Chance increase and +2 AP (Action Points)

Wasteland 3 Animal Companions List

Here are some of the animals we’ve found in Wasteland 3 so far.

  • Boar
  • Cat
  • Chicken
  • Deer
  • Dog
  • Goat
  • Howler
  • Major Tomcat
    • You’ll spot him in Colorado (early into the game)
    • Offer Major Tomcat a cigarette
    • Or use Animal Whisperer (level 1)
  • Parrot
    • You can purchase Polly’s Parrot near to the entrance of Outlandish
  • Pig
  • Rabbit
  • Waste Wolf

Different Animal Companions require different levels of Animal Whisperer to tame them. The game should let you know what level you need the skill to be when you speak with them.