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What is the Valorant player count?

How many Valorant players are there? If you’re wondering how many people play Valorant, then keep scrolling for the latest information on the Valorant player count.

Valorant Player Count | How many players are there?

Valorant player count

The current Valorant player count is unknown. We know that during its beta earlier this year Valorant drew in nearly 3 million players a day, though developer Riot Games hasn’t share updated Valorant player figures since.

Valorant requires its own launcher, which means that Valorant player numbers aren’t freely available as they would be on Steam. It’s reasonable to assume that daily users have dropped off somewhat since the beta hype died down, but there’s no way to officially confirm that.

One piece of supporting evidence, however, would be the game’s waning Twitch viewership. At the height of the beta, Valorant was frequently the most-viewed title on Amazon‘s gameplay streaming platform; by contrast, it’s ninth at the time of writing. That’s still a respectable number, as is attracting just shy of 70K concurrent viewers, but it doesn’t come close to the record figures that saw 470 million hours of Valorant viewed on Twitch during the beta.

Of course, the Twitch Drop campaign rewarding viewers with beta keys undoubtedly helped to inflate that number. Regardless, the size of a game’s viewership often reflects the size of its player base. If that rings true with Valorant, then the Valorant player count may be declining.

That’s speculative, but it’s the best answer we can give until Riot announces some concrete figures. Should that hapen, we’ll update this guide with more information.

What is the Valorant player count?

  • The current Valorant player count is unknown.
  • Since Valorant uses a proprietary launcher, we can’t track the number of players.
  • Riot Games announced that almost 3 million people played each day during the beta.
  • No additional player figures have been announced since.
  • Due to a declining Twitch viewership, we’d speculate that the Valorant player count has dropped since the beta.