Box art - Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Class Guide: Enforcer

Class Guide: Wilhelm the Enforcer

  • Action Skill: Wolf and Saint
  • Combat Style: Cyber Warrior with air support

Hunter Killer Skills


15AfterburnerWolf's Air Speed is increased. Additionally, your Reload Speed and Projectile Speed is increased.
15Fire SupportIncrease your Damage with all gun types and increases the Damage dealt by Wolf.
25Venom BoltsWolf's shots has a chance to be Venom Bolts, which deal Corrosive Damage. Additionally, you gain increased Corrode Chance and Corrode Damage with guns and grenades.
25SuppressionKill Skill. Killing an enemy gives you and Wolf increased Fire Rate for a short time.
31Laser GuidedWhile Wolf and Saint are active, pressing the action skill button will paint the target under your reticule. Wolf will focus attacks on the currently Painted target and the target will receive increased Damage from all sources. If a target is killed while Painted time will be added to Wolf and Saint's Duration.
41Kill SwitchWhenever Wolf is recalled, runs out of Health, or expires, it will dive bomb enemies with explosive effect!
45Rolling ThunderWhile Wolf is active, you will periodically gain stacks of Rolling Thunder, increasing Wolf's Damage.
45ScrambleWhen Wolf is destroyed it is replaced once for free, and time will be added to Wolf and Saint's Duration.
55EscalationIncreases your Critical Hit Damage. Additionally, Critical Hits on enemies reduce the remaining Cooldown of Wolf and Saint by a small amount. This effect has a cooldown.
55Cold WarWhen you apply a Shock, Incendiary, or Corrosive status effect to an enemy, there is a chance for the target to freeze. Additionally, you gain increased status effect chance when using Cyro weapons.
61Omega StrikeWolf periodically launches a deadly missile strike against its targets.

Cyber Commando Skills


15Laser FocusIncreases Gun Damage and Magazine Size with all Laser Weapons.
15Man and MachineIncreased Shield Capacity and Maximum Health for you and Wolf.
25First to FightIncreases your Gun Damage. This bonus is lost 5 seconds after you deal damage, and is regained after 5 seconds of you not dealing or taking damage.
25Targeting ScopeKill Skill. Killing an enemy gives you increased Accuracy and Critical Damage for a few seconds.
31Power FistCyborg Augmentation-Arm. Melee Override. Melee to perform an explosive punch with extended range. This ability has a cooldown.
45Divert PowerWhen your Shields are depleted and your Health is low, taking Damage causes you to gain massive Shield Regeneration and Damage Resistance for a few seconds. This ability has a cooldown.
41Shock AbsorbersCyborg Augmentation-Legs. You can shoot while Sprinting. While doing so, you gain bonus Gun Damage, and you suffer no accuracy penalties.
45Emergency ResponseEmergency Response is activated whenever your Shield becomes depleted increasing your Fire Rate and Reload Speed, and Wolf's Fire Rate, for a short duration. Your Shield must fully recharge between activations.
55Meteor SlamIncreases Damage Radius of your Slam ability.
55Welcome to the Gun ShowYou are better with guns in nearly every regard. Increases Gun Damage, Reload Speed, Magazine Size, Accuracy, and reduces Recoil.
11Vengeance CannonCyborg Augmentation-Weapon. Whenever your Shield becomes depleted you activate your shoulder-mounted Vengeance Cannon. The Vengeance Cannon fires Incendiary Laser Blasts in tandem with your equipped weapon and lasts for a short period of time. Your Shield must fully recharge between activations.

Dreadnought Skills


15Auxiliary TanksIncreases Wolf and Saint's Duration and Cooldown Rate.
15FortifyIncreases Max Health for you and Wolf. Additionally, while Saint is active you deal increased Damage with all gun types.
25EnergizeSaint will occasionally boost the Shields of your and your friends. Additionally, Saint gains an increase to the rate which he regenerates your health.
25HeatsinksImproves Shield Recharge Rate and Shield Recharge Delay. This bonus is doubled while Wolf and Saint are on cooldown.
31Termination ProtocolFight for Your Life is replaced by Termination Protocol. During Termination Protocol you can walk at a reduced speed, fire your weapons, and you constantly shock nearby enemies. If the timer runs out your power core goes critical, releasing a Nuclear Explosion.
45Rapid ReinforcementKill Skill. Killing an enemy increases your Cooldown Rate for Wolf and Saint and increases your Movement Speed and Reload Speed for a short time.
41Zero HourWhen Saint is recalled or expired, he explodes deploying a Healing Zone underneath you. You and your friends Regenerate Health while standing in the zone.
45Hazmat Containment SystemIf you have a Fire, Shock, or Corrosive Status Effect on you, you and your friends gain increased Resistance to that element. Additionally you will occassionally spread that Status Effect to nearby enemies while it's active.
55Kinetic ArmorPermanently increases your maximum health. Close range attackers have a chance to be struck with explosive force. The closer the enemy is, the higher the chance for detonation is.
55Hard to KillWhenever you are shot or struck by an enemy, you gain a stack of Hard To Kill reducing all Damage received. All stacks are removed after few seconds of taking no damage.
61OverchargeImmediately after being summoned, Saint will release an Energy Wave that will Overcharge you and any nearby friends for a short duration. Overcharged players gain increased Movement Speed, Fire Rate, Reload Speed, and Ammo Regeneration.