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Can you replay campaign missions in Marvel’s Avengers?

Some of Marvel’s Avengers‘ campaign missions are pretty exciting, and so it would be cool to replay them. Even if it’s just to revisit some cool Easter eggs or re-experience an explosive set piece, the ability to play story missions again would be cool. Read on for your answer to “Can you replay missions in Marvel’s Avengers?

Can I replay campaign missions in Marvel’s Avengers?

Can you replay campaign missions in Marvel's Avengers

No, you can’t replay campaign missions in Marvel’s Avengers.

Once you have completed a campaign mission, that’s it. You can no longer revisit that same story mission.

With that said, some of the co-op missions found within the game’s campaign are also featured in the Avengers Initiative mode, which can be replayed over and over for Gear and to complete assignments.

However, for those looking to replay missions and watch cutscenes, you unfortunately only get that one opportunity. That is unless you’re planning to restart the entire game… which you probably are not prepared to do!

If you wanted to replay campaign missions in Marvel’s Avengers for the many collectibles, fearing that you may have missed out, then I have good news: those collectibles can be found elsewhere.

While at the time of writing it isn’t possible to replay campaign missions and re-experience that awesome introduction to Ms. Marvel and her awkward hype for superheroes, the developers may make it an option later down the road.

It’s clear that Marvel’s Avengers is going to get a significant amount of post-launch content, including Kate Bishop and Black Panther DLC, so perhaps we’ll also see some other tweaks to make story missions replayable.

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