How much does Mario Kart Live cost? karts

How much does Mario Kart Live cost?

How much does Mario Kart Live cost? Nintendo’s reveal of the augmented-reality game Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is a serious departure for the Japanese gaming company, but the inclusion of physical objects is going to cost you. What is the price of Mario Kart Live?

What’s in the Mario Kart Live box?

How much does Mario Kart Live cost? box contents?

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is a first for Nintendo with its use of augmented reality technology. Players will be controlling a real-world RC car by using their Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite.

Purchasing this game will get you a bunch of physical goodies, but it won’t actually include the game itself. You’ll have to download the game via the Nintendo eShop using information included in the box. Thankfully, the software won’t cost you anything extra — it will be free to people who purchase this game according to an F.A.Q. on the Japanese website.

What do you get in the Mario Kart Live box?

  • A Mario or Luigi RC car with camera (depending on which edition you purchase)
  • 4 racing gates (with some assembly required):
    • #1 black gate
    • #2 yellow gate
    • #3 blue gate
    • #4 green gate
  • 2 arrow signboards
  • a USB charging cable

What is the price of Mario Kart Live?

How much does Mario Kart live cost? boxes

The U.S. website hasn’t yet been updated with a cost, but the game’s Japanese website says that it will cost ¥9,980 plus tax. Western fans must be wondering: how much does Mario Kart Live cost?

Using currency conversion, that brings us to a price of $94.02 in the United States, although Nintendo will likely raise that price to a flat $99.99. As for the UK, the price comes out to £70.90, not counting VAT and other taxes, but I’d guess that it will probably cost £79.99 for a nice round number. Finally, the Euro conversion brings it to €79.52, meaning we’ll likely see it cost €79.99–€89.99 plus taxes.

How much does Mario Kart Live cost?

  • Mario Kart Live will likely cost $99.99 plus tax in the US, £79.99 plus VAT and other taxes in the UK, and €79.99–€89.99 plus tax in the EU.
  • The game software will be free on the Nintendo eShop.

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