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Crusader Kings 3 | How to raid for gold and captives

Raiding in Crusader Kings 3 can be a lucrative way of gaining gold and prestige for minimal cost. Certain rulers can send their armies to raid settlements and plunder them for their riches. Additionally, depending on your religion, you may be able to declare a special type of war to raid for prisoners for ransom or sacrifice.

How does raiding work in Crusader Kings 3?

There are two types of raids you can perform in CK3. They each have different objectives, and one is notably less risky than the other. Only certain rulers have access to raiding like tribal cultures.

How to raid in CK3

Crusader Kings 3 Raise Armies as Raiders

Before you can raid in CK3, you must be at peace. If you’re in any sort of war, the option to raise your army as raiders will be unavailable.

If you are not at war, you can enter your military menu and check for an option at the top between “Raise All Armies” and “Disband All.” If your ruler can raid, you’ll be able to select “Raise All as Raiders.” This will raise your army as usual.

When your raiding army is raised, you can send them to any holding belonging to a foreign ruler. When they arrive, they’ll begin raiding, which is a process that works almost exactly like sieging does. After the raid is complete, your army will be carrying the gold from their pillaging. To add the gold to your coffers, you must return the army to your territory. In addition to gaining gold when your raiding army returns, you’ll get a bit of prestige as well.

However, beware. If an enemy army defeats your raiders before they can return home, you’ll lose any gold collected. Being defeated also prevents you from conducting raids for a short period of time.

Raiding for Captives in CK3

Crusader Kings 3 War to Raid for Captives

If your faith practices human sacrifice, you can perform another type of raiding. Raiding for Captives is a special type of war with the goal of capturing prisoners for sacrifice. You can win this type of war without ever sieging, and you’ll receive captives by merely fighting.

If you win the way, you’ll receive several prisoners from your opponent’s court. You can then sacrifice them from the court menu to receive piety.

These two types of raids are essential for the cultures to which they’re available. Tribalists have low development, so the gold and prestige received from raiding can offset the money you lose from lower tax rates. Raiding for captives allows you to amass piety as you don’t have access to pilgrimages and such.