Outcast Odyssey iPhone Cheats

Tips and Tricks

Battling is done by tapping one of the targets on an enemy.

Keep in mind green is strong against red, which is strong against blue, which is strong against green. Weak points take the most damage of all though.

To make the most out of a weak point, attack it with your strongest party member.

A good strategy is to put your strongest attacker in the second or third position so that you can use your first member/party leader to attack a 1-hit weak point.

Save up your gems and use them to purchase rare card packs. Another way to get rare card packs is to pick up all of the drops in each stage of an island. Once you completely clear that out, a four or five star card pack will be your reward.

To open a ton of treasure chests, go to campaign level 1-1 (the introductory level) it’s the fastest one to finish and there is a chest in there every time that you go in there.

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