Risk of Rain 2 Scavenger - Locations and loot

Risk of Rain 2 Scavenger | Locations and Loot

Risk of Rain 2 doesn’t explain a whole lot to the player. That’s why you may encounter monsters or items that you’re entirely unfamiliar with. One of these creatures is the Scavenger, a powerful beast that drops a large number of items when defeated. Here’s what you need to know about Scavengers, including their spawn locations and what you stand to earn from defeating one.

Risk of Rain 2 | Scavenger Spawn Locations and Loot

Risk of Rain 2 - Scavenger Spawn Locations and Loot

Scavengers in Risk of Rain 2 are boss monsters that can appear outside of teleporter events. Their locations are randomized, but they can spawn in just about any environment, typically after your second loop. A defeated Scavenger will drop a sack containing up to 10 items of different rarities.

Though they can spawn in any location, Scavengers will often first appear in Scorched Acres. You likely won’t see one until after your second loop (after stage 10), but it is possible for them to spawn after your first loop.

These monsters are not to be trifled with. Not only do they have loads of health, they’re one of only a few creatures that can equip items. Basic Scavengers tend to have around a dozen items of different rarities, and their attacks carry a proc coefficient between one and two. In other words, there’s a good chance you’ll get slapped with one of their items’ on-hit effects.

Fortunately, the risk is worth the reward. Killing one will drop a Scavenger’s Sack that will spawn up to 10 separate items. Most of these will be of the common variety, but you’re likely to find a few uncommon or higher items in the mix. In later runs, Scavengers drop enough items that you can effectively ignore treasure chests in favor of speeding through environments. Considering that the game’s difficulty increases over time, these drops can help toward completing The Long Road challenge.

Special Boss – Twisted Scavenger

Risk of Rain 2 Twisted Scavengers

There’s one more type of Scavenger that’s even more powerful than the base variant: The Twisted Scavenger. These are special boss monsters that you can only find in A Moment, Whole.

To encounter these fiends, you’ll need to unlock one of Risk of Rain 2‘s hidden endings. The process involves picking up the Lunar item known as Beads of Fealty. With it in your inventory, complete the third stage after your first loop (stage 8, 13, and so on) and enter a Celestial Portal.

At the end of the area known as A Moment, Fractured, you’ll reach the Obelisk. This is where you have the option to obliterate yourself from existence. Without Beads of Fealty, obliterating yourself will simply end your run. With it, however, you’ll instead enter A Moment, Whole.

Once you arrive, you’ll see one of four Twisted Scavengers waiting off in the distance. It will either be Kipkip the Gentle, TwipTwip the Devotee, Guragura the Lucky, or Wipwip the Wild. These special boss variants carry up to 20 different items and vast pools of health. Taking them down will not be easy.

Risk of Rain 2 Twisted Scavenger Sack - Lunar Coins

However, if you succeed, killing a Twisted Scavenger will drop a sack containing 10 Lunar Coins. This is by far one of the quickest ways to farm Lunar Coins. However, they won’t drop items — not that you’ll need them anyway, since defeating one will conclude your run, with your Survivor’s fate left unknown.

Scavengers are among the rarest monsters in Risk of Rain 2. However, they’re worth killing in every instance, as they’ll drop a sack with a bunch of items or Lunar Coins. They’ll only appear in later loops, or alternatively in one of the game’s hidden endings. Either way, keep your distance and take them out as quickly as possible.

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