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How to Farm Lunar Coins in Risk of Rain 2 | Lunar Coin Farm

If you want to farm Lunar Coins in Risk of Rain 2, then you’re going to need to be prepared to work. Earning yourself plenty of these coins will be key to unlocking the Artificer, and throughout your playthrough you’ll also find an assortment of different items you can interact with to gain special items and gear. In this guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know to farm for Lunar Coins in Risk of Rain 2.

How to Farm for Lunar Coins in Risk of Rain 2

Before we get started, we want to clear up a couple of things about Lunar Coins. As stated before, you’re going to need to gather at least 11 Lunar Coins in order to unlock the Artificer, one of the various playable characters in Risk of Rain 2. When you’ve unlocked the character, you can then use Lunar Coins to purchase items from Lunar Plants, which are found throughout the different areas in the game. You can also use Lunar Coins to access the Bazaar Between Time, where you’ll be able to purchase several Lunar Items directly.

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Lunar Coins are a special currency that drop from enemies when they die. Unfortunately, these drops are random and can be pretty rare at times. We’ve gone entire runs without any Lunar Coins dropping, which means you’re just going to want to play the game to build up your stockpile. Since they do drop upon an enemy’s death, though, there are a couple of things you can do to increase the chances of them spawning.

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First, we’d suggest bringing a character along that has a high DPS (damage per second). Characters like the Huntress and the Mercenary are going to burn through enemies quickly. You’ll also want to play through a couple of areas. While you can farm enemy kills on the lower levels, the higher you go into the run, the more enemies will spawn, allowing you to quickly defeat them. This will give you a chance to obtain a good few powerups, which will make killing enemies a much faster process. More enemies will also spawn in the later areas and difficulties, increasing the opportunities for Lunar Coins to drop.

How to Spend Lunar Coins in Risk of Rain 2

Now that you know how to farm Lunar Coins, let’s talk a bit more about their uses. We’ve already covered how you can unlock the Artificer with this in-game currency, but there are also several other items that you can acquire with Lunar Coins. First and foremost, you’ll want to look out for Lunar Plants. When interacted with, these nodes drop a Lunar Item that you can equip to receive a special bonus. Keep in mind that a lot of these bonuses come with a negative effect as well. For example, one item buffs your damage while cutting your health in half.

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Aside from Lunar Plants, you’ll also be able to spend 1 Lunar Coin to access the Bazaar Between Time, the same place where you unlock the Artificer character. Once here you can purchase a series of different items from a small counter in the bazaar. Traveling to this area will also give you access to two Reforge areas, where you can trade three Common items for one Uncommon item, or five Uncommon Item for one Rare item. The reforge process will choose items randomly from your inventory, though, so make sure the item you’re picking up is worth the possible sacrifice that you’re making.

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Curious what items you can buy with Lunar Coins? Here’s a full list of the Lunar Items in Risk of Rain 2 right now:

  • Shaped Glass – Increases your base damage by 100% but reduces your health to 50% of your total.
  • Brittle Crown – Gain a 30% chance to earn 3 gold per hit but lose 3 gold or a percentage of gold equal to the percentage of health lost when hit.
  • Transcendence – Max health is set to 1, but the rest of your HP is transformed into a shield.
  • Corpsebloom – Healing is doubled but you heal for 10% per second instead of instantly.
  • Gesture of the Drowned – Equipment cooldowns reduced by 50% but they activate randomly.

What is The Shrine of Order in Risk of Rain 2?

You’ll also find an item out in the world called the Shrine of Order. While the exact point of these statues is still unknown, interacting with one will cost a single Lunar Coin. Upon activation it will randomly sort all of the items in your inventory, condensing them into one or two stacks of the same item. I’ve seen this take a great build and turn it into a build with 20 Sticky Bombs and 7 Medkits, effectively ruining the entire run. If you come across one, you can interact with it at your own risk, but beware that it might completely ruin any possible build you had going.

As you can see, Lunar Coins are a somewhat complicated item, especially when you consider all their possible uses. Items like the Shaped Glass can be great, especially if you can stack it with items like Tougher Times, which grants you a 15% chance to block incoming damage (with an additional 15% per stack). Tied together, you’ll have a much lower chance of even taking damage, which can almost negate the effect of losing half your HP. Still, choosing to use these items is entirely up to you, and you can ignore them for the most part if you’d rather hold onto your Lunar Coins for any possible uses later in Risk of Rain 2’s development.

Now that you know how to farm Lunar Coins, and even how to spend them, make sure you know how to complete the Naturopath achievement as well.