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How to unlock the Naturopath achievement in Risk of Rain 2

While many games contain achievements and challenges to give players something extra to do, Risk of Rain 2 has tied many of its items directly to completing various achievements. One of the most difficult achievements that players have found to complete is the Naturopath achievement. If you’re looking to unlock the Naturopath achievement in Risk of Rain 2, then we can help. Here’s what you need to know.

Unlock the Naturopath achievement

In order to complete the Naturopath achievement and unlock the item associated with it, players are going to need to complete the third teleporter event without healing. Now, for many, this has been a very confusing challenge, as your character will automatically heal as you play through each area. So, how do you stop this natural healing so that you can get the achievement?

Risk of Rain 2 - Naturopath achievement in logbook

Well, you don’t have to. While the achievement’s text makes all healing sound forbidden, it actually only counts the various healing items that you can find throughout your run against the rule. This means that natural healing isn’t counted against you, so you won’t have to worry about it. Instead, you’ll want to avoid any kind of items that heal you for any amount. Because of this, you should avoid any of the following items:

  • Bustling Fungus – Creates a zone after standing still for 2 seconds, that heals 4.5%HP every second.
  • Monster Tooth – Killing an enemy spawns a healing orb that heals for 10HP.
  • Cautious Slug – Increases passive health regen by 250% while not in combat.
  • Medkit – Taking damage causes you to heal for 10HP 1.1 seconds after you get hit.
  • Leeching Seed – Dealing damage to enemies heals you for 1HP per hit.
  • Corpsebloom – Healing is increased by 100%. All healing is applied over time (including healing from other items). Can only heal for a maximum of 10HP per second.
  • Titanic Knuri – Increases your maximum health by 40, and increases HP regen by 1.6HP per second.
  • Infusion – Each time you kill an enemy, your health is permanently increased by one, up to 100 per stack.
  • Foreign Fruit – Heal for 50% of your max health when used.
  • Gnarled Woodsprite – Summons a woodsprite that heals you for 1.5% of your max health every second.

Avoiding the items above will ensure that nothing gets in the way of you achieving your goal. Now that you know the requirements, let’s talk about some helpful ways you can complete this challenge in Risk of Rain 2.

Strategies to complete the Naturopath achievement

If you want to unlock the Naturopath achievement easily, then I’d suggest bringing along a friend. This will make surviving much easier. You will also want to avoid the squishier characters like the Artificer. While the Mercenary and the Huntress are squishy as well, they are both agile fighters, which means you can avoid a lot of damage. If you haven’t yet, make sure you unlock all the characters in Risk of Rain 2 as having all the options available to you is always handy. You will also want to play on the easiest difficulty. There’s no point in beating your head against the wall too much here. Remember to avoid items like the Leeching Seed (pictured below).

Risk of Rain - Leeching Seed logbook entry

Honestly, the best characters to unlock the Naturopath achievement with are the Engineer or the Huntress. They both offer great ways to work around the no healing requirement due to their skills and abilities.

Using the Huntress

If you’re rocking the Huntress, then picking up movement-based items like the Rose Buckler can be very good. The Rose Buckler itself increases your armor by 25 (per stack) when sprinting, which is really great for the Huntress, whose main attack can be triggered while sprinting. Likewise, items like Paul’s Goat Hoof, which increases your speed by 14% per stack, will also make movement and avoiding attacks easy. Just remember to avoid any healing items in the list above and you should be fine.

Using the Engineer

If you’re planning on using the Engineer, then picking up items that work well with your turrets will be important. Things like the Sticky Bomb, which grants a 5% change to attach a bomb to an enemy when you hit them, and the Ukelele (which has a 25% change to fire chain lightning for 80% damage to up to three targets within 20m) will come in handy. Remember that all items you pick up will also affect your turrets, so picking up items that increase critical hits or score on-hit bonuses will be key. What really makes the Engineer so good for this, though, is the Bubble Shield skill, which allows you to toss up an impenetrable shield around yourself and your turrets.

Risk of Rain 2 - Paul's Goat Hoof item

Items like Paul’s Goat Hoof (pictured above) add additional speed to your movement, which will be key to surviving this challenge.

Using the Mercenary or Commando

If you do prefer running a class like the Mercenary or even Commando, then try to keep moving and make sure you focus on items that improve your movement and critical hits. Drops like the Lens-Maker’s Glasses, which grants a 10% change (per stack) to critically strike an enemy will make killing hordes much easier, especially as you move into the second and third area. Since you’ll be focusing on basic healing properties, being able to clear out enemies as quickly as possible will be important to your survival.

Also, any items like the Happiest Mask, which gives a 10% chance to spawn a ghost of the killed enemy with 500% damage, will help out, too. Basically, focus on movement and dealing damage as quickly as possible. This will help ensure your survival to the end of the third area, where you’ll need to defeat the boss to unlock the Naturopath achievement.

With the Naturopath challenge completed, you’ll be able to pick up a new healing item known as the Rejuvenation Rack during your future runs, giving you access to even more great items and gear to make use of.