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Fallout 76 | Where to find Brain Fungus locations

Of all the things you wouldn’t want to eat in a post-apocalyptic scenario, the Brain Fungus in Fallout 76 might be at the top of list. These gross-looking consumable items are used in a number of crafting recipes, including Mentats. Fortunately, knowing where to find Brain Fungus is as simple as understanding where fungus would typically grow.

Where to find Brain Fungus in Fallout 76

Where to find Brain Fungus in Fallout 76

Brain Fungus can be found in places you’d typically expect to find a fungus: Caves, tunnels, caverns, and other dank locations. The Uncanny Caverns are a great place to start looking, as are the tunnels underneath Highway 65. Otherwise, they spawn all over Appalachia in dark places off the beaten path.

The Brain Fungus isn’t a particularly rare item, but it can sometimes be hard to find. Fortunately, the process is easier once you know what they look like. They’re pallid, with a sort of pale hue you’d expect from an organism that fosters in the dark. They also look like brains, hence the name.

If you need to find some quickly, search these areas first:

  • Uncanny Caverns
  • Tunnels under Highway 65
  • Abandoned Waste Dump
  • Raleigh Clay’s Bunker
  • Carson Family Bunker
  • Big Bend Tunnel East/West

Like many of the items you’ll find in Fallout 76, this visceral-looking organism is used in a number of crafting recipes. Perhaps the most popular use is in Brain Bombs, which provide a +90 boost to HP and a whopping +300 boost to AP. They’re also used in the awful-sounding Brain Fungus Soup, along with the Hoppy Hunter IPA and the series’ iconic Mentats.

You should have no trouble finding Brain Fungus: Just search around dark, wet locations. Be on the lookout for small globs of what look like (but aren’t — hopefully) brain matter. Stock up any time you see them so you’re never left without crafting ingredients.