Box art - Beach Buggy Racing

Beach Buggy Racing Game Power Up’s

Power up's are a great way to enhance your gameplay so check out this quick overview of power up's and how to use them:
Your Fireworks shoot straight ahead and hit any unlucky targets.
The Tiki Seekers are pretty much Fireworks that lock on to your rival racers.
The Oil Slicks, when fired off, deploys behind you and leaves a slippery bit of oil for the other cars. Hitting these oil spills will cause other you or racers to spin out.
The Low Gravity power up dramatically lowers the gravity of a stage and makes other racers bounce around uncontrollably.
The Death Bats turn into fireballs that seek out and damage the racer who’s in 1st place. Anyone it the vicinity of the damage zone will also get hurt by this power up. Think of these power-up’s as the game equivalent of a blue shell from Mario Kart.
Boosts pretty much gives your racer a nice bit of extra speed.
You Shield will protect you against projectiles and protect you from hitting any roadside obstacles.
Having Spiked Tires will give you car a temporary boost to your vehicle’s off-road capabilities.