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Is there a Marvel’s Avengers ‘House Call’ glitch fix?

Is there a Marvel’s Avengers House Call glitch fix? Early in the Avengers game, you’ll encounter a mission starring Kamala Khan titled “House Call” and need to lower a drawbridge. The problem is, the bridge doesn’t behave as intended for some players; as a result, the mission can become stuck. Keep scrolling to learn if there’s a Marvel’s Avengers House Call bugged mission fix to help you out.

Marvel’s Avengers House Call Glitch | Is there a bugged mission fix?

Marvel's Avengers House Call glitch

The developers are aware of the Marvel’s Avengers House Call glitch and “actively working towards a fix” right now. One solution while waiting on a patch, however, may be using the new “Backup Save” option available via the in-game “Settings” menu to revert back to a point before the bug hit.

By pausing Marvel’s Avengers and heading to the settings menu, it could be possible to retrieve a past save. The backup save function was implemented in a recent patch, and might just save your bacon. There’s no guarantee, however, and the team at Crystal Dynamics recommends raising a support ticket if it doesn’t work.

Just to be sure you’re actually encountering the glitch, here’s how to lower the bridge in the House Call mission. First, you’ll need to jump across the gap as Kamala. Once you’re safely across and she exclaims “Made it!” you’ll need to take out the red device located on each of the two bridge cables. After that, turn around and restore power using the nearby console. If you’ve done this and the bridge didn’t lower, unfortunately, you’ve encountered the bug.

Is there a Marvel’s Avengers House Call glitch fix?

Hopefully, it won’t be long before a Marvel’s Avengers House Call glitch patch is released.

If you do manage to progress, watch out for a similar bug in the “Interrogation Anxiety” mission.