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Are Black Ops Cold War snipers overpowered?

Are Black Ops Cold War snipers overpowered? Early Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War gameplay footage is everywhere right now, and, having watched plenty of videos, people are questioning the game balance. Specifically, many are wondering: “Are CoD: Black Ops Cold War sniper rifles OP?” Keep scrolling for all the latest details.

Are Black Ops Cold War sniper rifles OP?

Are Black Ops Cold War snipers overpowered?

Black Ops Cold War snipers are incredibly powerful right now, though could be tweaked before launch to help maintain balance. While the time to kill (TTK) has been lowered for other weapons, sniper rifles remain just as deadly. Not only that but at the time of writing, any scope can be equipped to a sniper allowing for some crazy quickscoping opportunities.

Call of Duty content creator Drift0r uploaded a video discussing Black Ops Cold War sniper rifles. Having already played the game, he stated that sniping feels “very good and very solid” right now. As a player that admits he isn’t the greatest sniper, that could be an early indication that sniping is OP.

Drift0r notes that sniper headshots are always a one-hit kill, whereas it can take two body shots from range to kill an enemy due to damage falloff. That’s pretty standard stuff, as is being able to tweak weapon attachments in order to increase the speed of quickscoping. The potential problem arises when other weapons’ TTK has been nerfed, yet snipers remain just as powerful.

The popular CoD content creator also notes that he thinks the ability to equip any scope will change before launch. Currently, it’s possible to equip a red dot sight to a sniper to concoct a quickscoping powerhouse. It’s very possible that this will be changed, as we’ve seen drastic balance overhauls before launch in past Call of Duty titles.

We’ll have to wait and see if Treyarch and Activision change how snipers work before release. Hopefully, there won’t be any issues with Black Ops Cold War overpowered snipers on launch day.