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Sunset Overdrive Xbox One Cheats

General Tips

  • Weapons level up the more you use them, so pick out the ones you like most and stick with them. You can still experiment, but have one or two trusty go-to weapons for key situations.
  • Always be moving. Sunset Overdrive is as much about traversal as it is combat, so grind and bounce your way out of sticky situations.
  • Visit vendors like Two Hat Jack often - they get new inventory as the game progresses.
  • Buy the maps to find collectibles, since they also function as a way to buy more amps.
  • Some weapons and amps only unlock after completing certain story missions, so don't spend too much time with sidequests. Yes, they're fun, but they're even more fun with a wider variety of equipment.
  • Experiment with Amps. These power ups provide players with different abilities and skills, and some combinations will work better than others.
  • Pay attention to which weapons work best against a type of enemy. For example, the TNTeddy works best against the OD.
  • Remember to press the X button to switch from grinding to undergrinding, and vice versa.
  • Easy Grinding. When you tackle the mission called A Hero's Duty, make sure that you take advantage of the opportunity to easily grind for a bit. Once you reach the right part of the mission, you'll encounter a never-ending supply of Fizzco Robots and OD that you can defeat to quickly level up your weapons. First, help Camp Bushido to defend against the robots. Then head across the tram bridge toward The Oxfords. Here, you'll endure random missile strikes from nearby blimps, but you can grind back and forth and kill the spawning enemies for as long as you wish. They're a ready source of money and Overcharge, so keep the location in mind. You can always return to the mission after you beat it, too.




Orange Soda5,000 OD'd Massacred.
PerfectionComplete an optional Night Defense without losing any of your Overcharge.
The Floor is LavaChain together 100 traversal moves without stopping or touching the ground.
Stylish KillsKill 500 enemies while at Style Level 3.
Let Me Count the WaysBurn, Shock, Freeze, or Enrage 1000 enemies.
FavoriteUpgrade one of your guns to Level 5.
Many FavoritesUpgrade 10 guns to Level 5.
I Like Them AllUpgrade 20 guns to Level 5.
Amped UpEquip five AMPs on your character at the same time.
Over-AmpedEarn an Amp upgrade in Chaos Squad.
BadgeEarn a badge.
Who is Sending These?Loot 25 emergency supply drops.
Can't CommitEquip one piece of clothing from each Faction at the same time.
The 0.1%Spend at least 25,000 Overcharge.
OverachieverYou earned an achievement.
AppreciationWatch the credits all the way through.
Not So Secret IngredientGet to the bottom of Fizzco's corporate secrets.
Roleplay While RoleplayingReach Level 99 in Ignatius' epic RPG campaign.
Vat Pack RatUpgrade the Overcharge vats at every Fort.
Ultimate CollectionLiberate all the comic books for the comic book collector.
Defender of the RealmClear Fargarthia of a hidden evil.
RevolutionaryTake back Sunset City for the misfit survivors.
Equal OpportunityComplete a quest from every faction.
A Challenger AppearsComplete 10 challenges with at least a bronze rating.
Second PlaceComplete 30 challenges with at least a silver rating.
The ChampionComplete 50 challenges with a gold rating.
Chaos in the Old FactorySurvive Chaos Squad in the Old Factory District with at least 150 Chaos.
Chaos in Little TokyoSurvive Chaos Squad in Little Tokyo District with at least 325 Chaos.
Chaos in the Harbor DistrictSurvive Chaos Squad in the Harbor District with at least 750 Chaos.
Chaos in DowntownSurvive Chaos Squad in Downtown District with at least 1625 Chaos.
Orange Soda II15,000 OD'd massacred.
Grind KillsKill 100 enemies while grinding.
Bounce KillsKill 100 enemies while bouncing or while in the air.
Trap KillsKill 500 enemies with traps.
Flung to SafetyKill 100 enemies by flinging them into danger using the Springboard Trap.
Grind MeleeMelee 50 enemies while grinding.
Out of StockDestroy 250 Overcharge XT vending machines.
Crash LandingDestroy 25 Fizzco Blimps just because you can.
OverdriveUnlock an Overdrive.
More OverdriveUnlock at least one Rank 4 Overdrive.
IntelCollect all 40 Smartphones.
ExplorerFind all 20 secret sightseeing locations in Sunset City.
Big BrotherDestroy all 150 Fizzco security cameras.
Wire TappingEavesdrop on nine conversations by hacking into satellites.
It's Art, Ok?Deface 40 billboards with graffiti.
Shoe ClosetCollect all 150 shoes hanging from wires.
Going to Need a Bigger ClosetCollect 250 fashion items.
I Should Get Paid for ThisBeat Insomniac QA's high score of 534,080 on the Challenge "Buck's Revenge."
ReplayReplay any Mission and complete it under par.
Not the Boss of MeReplay the final mission and defeat the boss under par.
What's Your Sign?Collect all 150 Overcharge hologram signs.
Hot AirCollect all 150 Fizzie balloons.
LitterCollect all 150 scraps of toilet paper.
Mixology 101Collect 20 Amps from Floyd.
Oh the Horror!Survive Horror Night.
Dusk Til DawnSurvive one night at your Fort.
Buck NationalBecome a reality TV star.
Plan BSurvive the glider crash and look for another way out of Sunset City.
That BalloonYou killed a balloon.
Scout's HonorBecome an honorary Troop Member by finding Bryllcream and defeating Norton.
Ultra Mega KillThat was a lot of pigeons.
Save EveryoneSave Sunset City from Fizzco's second-most powerful robot.
ExcalibroYou forged the mythical Excalamune.
This is My City NowYou beat the final Fizzco corporate machine.