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Apex Legends Can’t Ready Up | How to fix

Every now then Apex Legends throws you a curveball. One of the more common issues results in a situation where you can’t ready up, leaving your party not ready and unable to join a match. This problem tends to pop up at random, and it can be wildly frustrating. Here’s what to do when you can’t ready up in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Can’t Ready Up | Party Not Ready Fix

Apex Legends Can't Ready Up Bug - Party Not Ready Fix

The can’t ready up bug in Apex Legends happens when the game says “party not ready.” Instead of being able to jump into the next round, the matchmaking button instead pushes you back to the game modes menu.

Unfortunately, the cause of the problem is still unknown. However, there are a few workarounds suggested by Apex Legends players themselves.

Here’s how to fix the can’t ready up bug:

  1. First, give the game some time between matches before trying to re-join. It’s a small step that seems to stop the bug in most instances
  2. Alternatively, try leaving and re-joining the party. It may be that your local client is the reason the party is not ready
  3. Finally, exit the game, re-launch it, and try to play again

For whatever reason, Apex Legends matchmaking, particularly with party-based games, needs some time between rounds. The can’t ready up bug is reported much more frequently after players have recently played and completed a match. As such, the simplest solution is to wait a moment before you press Y or Triangle to ready up again. After some time playing catch-up, the software should work as intended.

If that doesn’t work, the problem is almost certainly on your end. Leave the party or restart the game, and it should go away. Barring anything else, it may be that the servers are having connection issues. You won’t be able to ready up if the servers themselves are down.