Risk of Rain 2 Emergency Drone - What does it do?

Risk of Rain 2 Emergency Drone | What does it do?

In addition to items and equipment, Risk of Rain 2 also features utilities. Most of these come in the form of turrets or drones, which fly around your character providing different effects. Later into runs, you’ll come across an Emergency Drone. Depending on your build, however, you may not immediately pick up on what the Emergency Drone does. As it turns out, it functions very similarly to one of the game’s most common utilities.

Risk of Rain 2 | What does the Emergency Drone do?

What does the Emergency Drone do?

The Emergency Drone in Risk of Rain 2 heals you and your utilities. Its main purpose is to restore the health of several allies simultaneously, including friendly monsters, turrets, and even other drones.

When you find one of these sitting in a stage, you’ll notice that it carries a high price tag. The Emergency Drone is more expensive than the regular Healing Drone since it’s capable of restoring health much more quickly. Otherwise, it works largely the same as the base Healing Drone. If you’ve already activated a few of those, you may not need to spend the extra gold.

With that said, it’s worth considering in certain situations. A few of these drones chained together can rapidly restore the health of all nearby drones and allies. At base, it can restore 10 health per second, with an extra two being added with level. At high enough levels, it will be able to fully heal Survivors in a matter of seconds.

The Emergency Drone’s healing speed is its greatest strength. As such, it’s a good pickup for slower characters or builds susceptible to damage. It’s an especially smart utility to keep around if you’re using Shaped Glass, which halves your overall health but doubles your damage.

The name may be confusing, but the Emergency Drone is just an upgraded healing drone. It can certainly help out when battles start heating up, especially if your build relies on a lot of utilities or allies.

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