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Is Among Us coming to consoles?

Is Among Us coming to consoles? The multiplayer party game is enjoying a boom period on PC, thanks to increasing popularity on Twitch and YouTube. Although it’s a blast to watch, people understandably want to get their hands on it and are asking: “Will Among Us come to consoles?” Here’s the latest on Among Us PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions.

Will Among Us come to PS4?

Is Among Us coming to PS4

At the time of writing, developer InnerSloth hasn’t shared any plans to launch an Among Us PS4 port. As a result, unfortunately, there’s no Among Us PS4 release date to look forward to.

Although this probably isn’t the news you wanted to read, the game is available for free on mobile (iOS and Android) and costs just $5 on PC via Steam. Due to the simplistic visuals, a vast majority of devices are able to run the game, meaning you should still be able to play and enjoy Among Us even in the absence of a PlayStation 4 version.

Will Among Us come to Xbox One?

Is Among Us coming to Xbox One

Unfortunately, there’s no scheduled Among Us Xbox One release date. The developers haven’t shared any plans to launch an Among Us Xbox One port at this point in time.

With the development of Among Us 2 already underway at InnerSloth, it’s unlikely that the original game will receive an Xbox version. Unfortunately, even the sequel isn’t targeting console platforms at launch. Among Us 2 is scheduled to hit PC and mobile in 2021, with no word on console versions just yet.

Will Among Us come to Nintendo Switch?

Is Among Us coming to Nintendo Switch

The dev team isn’t currently working on an Among Us Nintendo Switch port. There’s no Among Us Nintendo Switch release date at the time of writing, and, unfortunately, there may never be.

Like the original, Among Us 2 is currently in development for iOS, Android, and PC. InnerSloth’s priorities appear to lie with these platforms, so whether the Among Us games will eventually hit Switch remains up in the air.