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Is there a Black Ops Cold War nuke killstreak?

Is there a Black Ops Cold War nuke killstreak? Nukes are one of the most divisive killstreaks in the Call of Duty franchise, which has everyone wondering: “Are there nukes in CoD: Black Ops Cold War?” Keep scrolling for the latest Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War tactical nuke details.

Black Ops Cold War Nuke Killstreak | Is there a tactical nuclear bomb?

Is there a Black Ops Cold War nuke killstreak?

Currently, it’s unknown whether or not a Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War nuke killstreak features in the game. It seems unlikely, however, as developer Treyarch doesn’t typically implement the tactical nuke into multiplayer. Historically, nukes only feature in the Infinity Ward CoD games.

In last year’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, unlocking the nuke killstreak required 30 kills. In previous installments, it’s taken 25 kills, while in the current CoD: Mobile it takes just 20. While we haven’t seen anybody hit a 30-kill streak in Black Ops Cold War yet, we do know that reaching a streak of 26 doesn’t reward players with a nuke.

In a KRNG Hero video featuring footage from the CoD: BOCW multiplayer gameplay reveal, we see him react to Swagg hitting “Streak x26” without gaining a nuke killstreak. While it’s possible that a higher streak could be required, this could indicate that there’s no nuke in Black Ops Cold War. Again, that wouldn’t really be surprising considering Treyarch’s track record for avoiding game-ending killstreaks.

Is there a CoD: Black Ops Cold War nuke killstreak?

  • At the time of writing, it’s not officially known whether there are Black Ops Cold War nuke killstreaks.
  • Developer Treyarch doesn’t typically implement nuke killstreaks into its Call of Duty games.
  • Content creator Swagg got a 26-kill streak during the CoD: BOCW gameplay reveal and didn’t unlock a nuke.

Only time will tell if the nuke killstreak could be tied to a higher number; if we had to guess, however, we’d say that there is no nuke killstreak in CoD: Black Ops Cold War.