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Among Us ‘Disconnected from server’ error fix

If you’re seeing the Among Us “Disconnected from server” error, know that you’re not alone. Many players are reporting the problem, and even us here at Game Revolution have personally experienced the issue when trying to play the hit new title. Accompanies by the “Reliable packet” messaging, the disconnect error stops players from being able to search for a match. Thankfully, we’re here with an Among Us “Disconnected from server” error fix that works on PCiPhone, and Android.

How to fix Among Us ‘Disconnected from server’ error

Among Us 'Disconnected from server' error fix

To fix the Among Us “Disconnected from server” error, you’re going to want to select a different region to matchmake.

To change matchmaking region in Among Us, do the following:

  1. Head to the Main Menu.
  2. Click “Online.”
  3. Click the little planet icon in the bottom right.
  4. Change the region.

I’m based in Europe, but “Europe” was not given me access. Changing this to “North America” allowed me to find games. If you’re based in North America, try “Europe.” If you’re in Asia, also try “Europe.”

The downside of selecting a region that is different to the one you are currently living in, is that you may experience some bad ping. This could result in more lag or, if things get really bad, potential disconnects. However, as this game isn’t super-competitive and doesn’t require fast reflexes, you should be okay with small hiccups of latency.

Hopefully one of the three regions allows you to start searching for a match and continue enjoying the Among Us experience, either as an impostor or a crewmate.

With the game currently blowing up on Twitch, it’s possible that Among Us is having issues due to increased demand. Here’s hoping that the developer can make the experience more stable, to keep those new players happy and make this “Disconnected from server” gone for good!