When is the YouTube Shorts release date and how to download?

When is the YouTube Shorts release date? YouTube has just announced a new TikTok competitor for Android and iOS and content creators have a new reason to get hyped about making short video clipsHow can you download YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts take advantage of Alphabet’s existing video service YouTube, using your mobile device to create short video clips to easily share online. This is basically YouTube’s version of short video services like TikTok and the now-defunct Vine, but it won’t be easy for most people to get it right away.

When can I get YouTube Shorts?

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You’ll be able to get YouTube Shorts whenever it releases in your particular country. Unfortunately, when and where this new service will be launching is a bit of a mystery at the moment.

According to a blog post, YouTube is going to be adding the option to create YouTube Shorts in India first. This new feature will also only be available for Android users at the beginning — iOS users are going to have to wait.

YouTube says that its new Shorts feature is going to expand to iOS and more countries “soon” — unfortunately, the blog post declines to announce any specific dates. The blog post also notes that “more creation features” will be debuting in the coming months, so it appears that YouTube Creators are going to have a lot to look forward to as 2020 comes to a close.

When is the YouTube Shorts release date?

  • The YouTube Shorts release date depends on which country you live in. The service is launching in India for starters and will expand to other countries at a later date.

How to Download YouTube Shorts

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Downloading YouTube Shorts should be an easy enough process, mostly because you can get technically get the app right now. YouTube Shorts is going to be a feature in the existing YouTube app on both Android and iOS, so it doesn’t seem likely that you will have to grab a standalone app.

Creating a YouTube Shorts video can be done with a new option on the “Create” button within the app, although it won’t be available everywhere right at launch — YouTube is gradually rolling out a beta to limited locations around the world.