How to download the PES 2021 Option File

How do you download the PES 2021 Option File? Another year means another new Option File to download and install on Konami’s new soccer game. You don’t want to spend your time playing as Manchester Red in their unofficial kits now, do you? Read on to find out how to download the PES 2021 Option File to get official kits, team names, and more into the game in one fell swoop.

Discover how to install the Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 Option File on PS4, PC, and Xbox One below.

How to get the PES 2021 Option File

PES 2021 Option File

The Option File is a third-party download that you can get on websites such as pes-patch. You will need to download the Option File/Files that you want to be added into PES 2021 and then install them into the game. Thankfully, the game makes it simple to add in these fan-made patches for official league names, kits, player names, team names, and more. Without going into the game’s files and editing everything yourself (who has the time for that?), downloading and installing the Option File is the way to go. Remember, though, anything you download from a third-party source comes with an element of risk.

How to download the PES 2021 Option File on PS4

  • Head to (other sites will offer Option Files, pes-patch is the only free one we have found as of writing)
  • Download the files onto your PC
    • Extract the files if you have to
    • Save the Option File under folder name: WEPES
  • Transfer the WEPES folder onto a USB stick
  • Plug the USB stick into your PS4
  • Boot up PES 2021 and perform a “Live Update”
  • Head into the “Extras” menu in Settings
    • “Edit”
      • “Import/Export”
        • “Import Competition”
          • Tick all of the files and install them
    • Do the same again for “Import Team”

You should now have the official (fan-made) kits, team names, badges, and leagues in PES 2021 on PS4. If your Option Files did not work, you can always try to get them from a different source. PesWorld, for example, should have Option Files for PES 2021 on PS4 soon after its launch on September 15, 2020. Keep an eye out for other websites that offer complete Option Files, too.

How to get the eFootball PES 2021 Option File on PC

To get the Option File on PC for PES 2021, you need to download and extract third-party files from sites such as pes-patch or PesWorld. The process from then on should be similar to how it works on PS4 (see above), with a few notable differences. You won’t need that USB stick, for example.

  • Head to pes-patch (or another site) and download the Option File
  • Extract the files into a folder on your hard-disk
  • Copy the WEPES file and paste it to the following (wherever your PES 2021 game files are located):
    • Documents
      • Konami
        • Pro Evolution Soccer 2021
  • Boot up PES 2021
  • Settings
    • Extras
      • Edit
        • Import/Export
          • Import Competition
            • Select all files and install them
          • Do the same with Import Team

You should now have all the correct kits, team names, badges, and leagues in PES 2021 on PC. If the linked-to Option File does not work on PC, try another from a different site such as PesWorld. More Option Files on different sites should be available soon, following the game’s September 15 release date.

How to install PES 2021 Option Files on Xbox One

Unfortunately, you cannot install Option Files onto the Xbox One version of eFootball PES 2021 Season Update. As of writing, you cannot transfer files between a USB stick and an Xbox One. Of course, you can freely edit any player, kit, badge, or whatever you’d like on the game using its detailed editing options. This will take quite some time, unfortunately.