No new iPhone 2020? | Why didn’t Apple announce iPhone 12?

The Apple September Event has come and gone, and it has people wondering if there’s not going to be an iPhone in 2020. Apple fans were hoping to get an announcement, but no iPhone 12 news was released, which has people worried. After all, COVID-19 has caused supply chain issues industry-wide. Could this be the first year without an iPhone release since the device debuted in 2007?

Is there no iPhone release in 2020?

iPhone 5S reveal 2013

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Apple fans are worried that an iPhone might not release in 2020 because Apple has announced the new model in early September and released later in the month since the launch of the iPhone 5 in 2012. Sure, some devices like the iPhone SE, iPhone XR, and iPhone SE 2 haven’t followed this schedule. Still, the main models have been revealed in September, like clockwork, for the last seven years.

Despite Apple missing the typical announce date, there is almost without a doubt an iPhone releasing this year. Rumors about the iPhone 12 have run rampant for the last few months, and case manufacturers have allegedly already begun production.

When will the iPhone 12 release?

iPhone 2020 Investor Call

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As stated above, there have been supply issues throughout the tech industry this year. Decreased productivity due to COVID-19 means that it likely took longer for iPhone 12 production lines to get into full swing. Apple previously confirmed that its new phone model would be delayed during an earnings call in July and stated that it would launch a few weeks later than expected.

More than likely, we’ll see the same type of launch window for the iPhone 12 line, just a month later than usual. Expect an event early in October, followed by a full iPhone 12 release later in the month. Things are always shifting, but right now, all signs point to a late October launch for the iPhone 12 line.