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Risk of Rain 2 | How to beat Artifact Reliquary

One of the first things you’ll want to do in Risk of Rain 2 is unlock an Artifact. Doing so requires entering a code into a special machine that will transport you to a hidden area. Inside that area will be a boss monster named the Artifact Reliquary, and you’ll have to defeat it to unlock the Artifact for later use. Of course, this battle involves knowing a special trick that’s required just to be able to damage the boss. Here’s how to beat the Artifact Reliquary in Risk of Rain 2.

Risk of Rain 2 | How to beat Artifact Reliquary Boss Fight

How to reach Bulwark's Ambry

The Artifact Reliquary is a special boss monster that can only be defeated during Artifact Trials. To destroy it, you need to enter a special code, teleport into Bulwark’s Ambry, then collect four Artifact Keys. These keys are the only way to damage and beat the Artifact Reliquary.

Reaching Bulwark’s Ambry

First things first: You can only fight the Artifact Reliquary in the environment known as Bulwark’s Ambry. It’s a special stage linked exclusively to the Compound Generator found floating beneath Sky Meadow.

This code machine can be found a fair distance underneath one of the main bodies of the floating island. If it helps, you can use the Radar Scanner equipment to reveal it — just look for the block of question marks. To actually get to the machine, you can either dive into one of the decorated pits or jump off the side of the island. Just be sure to have a few extra Hopoo Feathers or a Milky Chrysalis on-hand.

Once you’re at the Compound Generator, enter the code for the Artifact you want to unlock. These codes can be found hidden around different environments, represented by three sets of four different symbols. If you’re feeling lazy, here’s a list of all Artifact code patterns.

After you’ve entered a code, activate the laptop to summon the portal, then step through to reach Bulwark’s Ambry.

How to beat Artifact Reliquary

How to beat Artifact Reliquary boss fight

Bulwark’s Ambry is comprised of a giant square of floating platforms. You’ll notice the Artifact Reliquary floating in the middle of the arena. From this point forward, the Artifact you chose in the earlier step will be active. Keep that in mind if you’re going for difficult ones like the Artifact of Glass, and be sure to come prepared.

Activate the Reliquary to begin the fight. Before long, you’ll be met with waves of different monsters. While you fight, the Reliquary will fire missile-like attacks at your Survivor, so stay moving. After destroying enough monsters, one will eventually drop a gold-hued item. Pick it up to receive an Artifact Key.

With the key in your inventory, make your way back to the Reliquary, dodging its missile attacks. Activate the Key to damage the boss and begin the next wave of monsters. Repeat this process three more times, claiming and activating four keys total. After the fourth key has been used, the Artifact Reliquary will be defeated.

Once the boss is gone, a teleporter will spawn on a high platform. Before you go through it, be sure to grab the environment log to the right of your spawn point, on a low ledge off the far side. After that, teleport back to begin your next loop at stage one. The Artifact you unlocked will remain active for the rest of your run, and you’ll be able to select it for use in future runs.

Remember that the biggest variable in the Artifact Reliquary boss fight is the Artifact you choose to unlock. Be sure to get the Artifact of Command first, so you can stack items you’ll need to complete the trials for Glass or Evolution later.