Is there a Twin Mirror PS5 and Xbox Series X release date?

Will there be next-gen Twin Mirror PS5 and Xbox Series X versions? Following the recent release date announcement, people are wondering if there are Twin Mirror Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 ports in development. Keep scrolling for all the latest information on a Twin Mirror next-generation release.

Twin Mirror PS5 and Xbox Series X | Is it coming to next-gen?

Twin Mirror PS5 and Xbox Series X

Twin Mirror is not coming to PS5 or Xbox Series X. Although it’s scheduled to launch December 1 — presumably after the next-gen console launches — it won’t hit those platforms. Only PC, PS4, and Xbox One versions have been announced.

While it appears that we won’t be getting dedicated Twin Mirror PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions, the psychological thriller will be playable on both consoles via backward compatibility. Of course, it’s possible that developer Dontnod could update the game to take full advantage of next-gen in the future.

Is there a Twin Mirror PS5 and Xbox Series X release date?

  • No, Twin Mirror isn’t coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X.
  • Twin Mirror is scheduled to release for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on December 1, 2020.

If you’re looking to squeeze the most out of Twin Mirror graphically, your best bet is the PC version in the absence of next-generation console versions. Do keep in mind, however, that Twin Mirror for PC is an Epic Games Store exclusive. That alone may sway your decision on which platform to purchase the game for.

Dontnod Entertainment recently released Tell Me Why in collaboration with Xbox Game Studios. It isn’t perfect, though here’s hoping that Twin Mirror can build on that game’s strong performances with better narrative pacing and more in-depth gameplay mechanics.

It definitely looks like Twin Mirror is heading in the right direction following the somewhat underwhelming original reveal. In response, Dontnod heavily delaying the game to help meet expectations.