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Call of Duty | What is Warzone Rumble?

Keep playing Call of Duty: Warzone for long enough and you’ll eventually come across a limited-time mode. Warzone Rumble is one such mode that changes just enough to make the battle royale experience feel fresh. What is Warzone Rumble, and how is it different from the more traditional game mode?

What is Warzone Rumble?

What is Warzone Rumble?

Warzone Rumble is a special 50-versus-50 deathmatch game mode in Call of Duty: Warzone. It’s not a permanent game mode, but one that appears during special events at pre-planned times. Rumble is basically a limited-time team-based variant of Warzone with a few changes to the normal rules.

Rumble’s biggest change is its most fundamental: Two teams of 50 players. As opposed to seeking victory through smaller squads, the goal is to beat the other team’s overall score. Kills help bring the score total up, and the first team to reach 400 points wins the match.

Since it doesn’t work like the standard Warzone mode, Rumble also has adjusted rules. There are no Killstreaks, since a few experienced players could turn the tide for an entire team. There are also no Armor Plates, which means both friends and foes are more susceptible to damage. Fortunately, players will spawn right back into the action after they die, keeping the tension high.

With all these rules combined, the result is a limited-time mode that is much more fast-paced and chaotic. Custom loadouts are available, so each player is free to play how they want — or, rather, how they would if they were playing solo. It’s up to each ally to do their own personal best for the good of the whole, as opposed to considering the needs of a few teammates.

Rumble is a limited-time mode, and it doesn’t usually stay in Warzone for long. While it was first introduced during Season 4, the 50-vs-50 deathmatch mode occasionally returns during special map or event rotations.