WWE 2K Battlegrounds Level 1 Glitch | How to fix progress reset

Is there a WWE 2K Battlegrounds level 1 glitch fix? If you’ve encountered the WWE 2K Battlegrounds level reset bug, thankfully, there’s a simple solution. Keep scrolling to learn how to restore your level in WWE 2K Battlegrounds on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Now, let’s get that lost WWE 2K Battlegrounds progress back!

WWE 2K Battlegrounds Level 1 Glitch | How to restore lost progress

If you encounter the WWE 2K Battlegrounds level 1 glitch, you’re probably playing offline. This bug occurs when you attempt to play without connecting to the game’s servers; simply ensure that you’re playing online to restore your WWE 2K Battlegrounds level to the correct rank.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds is essentially an online-only game if you want to make progress. Though you can engage in over-the-top wrestling matches offline, without connecting to the internet, you can’t earn experience points or claim any rewards.

If your device is connected to the internet, then there are probably ongoing server issues. Unless you’re comfortable giving up any and all rewards for your efforts, we’d recommend that you stop playing whenever WWE 2K Battlegrounds server issues strike. You should keep an eye on @2KBattlegrounds for connectivity updates like the one featured below:

If there are no current server problems, then you might want to try these troubleshooting steps on your end.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds level reset glitch fix

  1. This issue occurs when you play WWE 2K Battlegrounds offline.
  2. If you’re having connectivity issues, check @2KBattlegrounds for server status updates.
  3. No current issues? Close the game and reset your PC or console.
  4. Reset your internet router or modem.
  5. When the reboot is completed, power on your PC or console and re-launch the game.
  6. If the problem continues, consider trying a different Wi-Fi network.
  7. You can also contact WWE 2K Battlegrounds support for further assistance.