Terra Battle Android Cheats

General Tips
  • Swords beat bows, bows beat spears, and spears beat swords. Always remember this formula. Or just look at the top right of the screen during battle for a handy visual reminder.
  • Remember when you bump into an ally, they move to the opposite square. Use this to your advantage and take out foes in one turn. Just be quick about it, as you have a limited amount of time to move.
  • If the game feels slow, press the fast forward button in the top right corner of the screen. It speeds things up considerably.
  • Feel free to repeat old missions in order to grind experience. The game proves challenging in just the first few chapters.
  • Hold onto Coins for multiple jobs. You can also use Coins to get beast allies at the Tavern, but they aren't as useful as the Fellowship of Truth recruits.
  • Feel free to experiment with different character combinations. The game gives you multiple squad slots for a reason.
  • Log in daily to receive a nice Coin bonus.
  • Use stamina wisely unless you want to spend money for more of it. Completing each chapter increases your maximum stamina, allowing you to tackle more missions in a short amount of time.
  • Make sure your squad focuses on variety. It's nice to have different weapons at any given moment because of the game's rock-paper-scissors design.


Job Items

The following items drop from common enemies and help unlock new jobs for your squad's characters.

  • Benevolent Fang: Fang of legendary dinofolk. Evolves lizardfolk jobs.
  • Claw of Fate: Claw of extinct millennium cat. Evolves beastfolk jobs.
  • Dark Ring: Crafted in absolute darkness. Evolves darkness jobs.
  • Fire Ring: Crafted in fires deep underground. Evolves fire jobs.
  • Forlorn Stone: From a pious priest turned to stone. Evolves stonefolk jobs.
  • Green Ring: Crafted in a healing spring. Eolves remedy jobs.
  • Ice Ring: Crafted at absolute zero. Evolves ice jobs.
  • Lightning Ring: Struck by a million thunderbolts. Evolves lightning jobs.
  • Pelt of Knowledge: Pelt of extinct millennium fox. Evolves beastfolk jobs.
  • Serenity Shoot: A rare herb found only in highlands. Evolves human jobs.
  • Shell of Madness: Discovered deep underground. Evolves stonefolk jobs.
  • Tail of Insight: Tail of legendary dracofolk. Evolves lizardfolk jobs.
  • Terra Bowstring: Bowstring imbued with valor. Evolves archer jobs.
  • Terra Spearbronze: Spear bronze imbued with valor. Evolves spear wielder jobs.
  • Terra Staffwood: Staffwood imbued with valor. Evolves staff wielder jobs.
  • Terra Swordsteel: Sword steel imbued with valor. Evolves sword wielder jobs.
  • White Ring: Crafted in a healing spring. Evolves healing jobs.
  • Wisdom Flower: A catalyst for synaptic growth. Evolves human jobs.

Download Starter

Developer Mistalker has implemented a system called Download Starter for Terra Battle, in which the number of downloads for the game dictates what additional content will be added. Think of it as Kickstarter rewards (likely an inspiration for the name), without the actual crowdfunding component. Listed below are the various Download Starter tiers.

  • 100K DL: New music from Nobuo Uematsu.
  • 200K DL: New characters from Hideo Minaba.
  • 300K DL: New characters from Nakaba Suzuki.
  • 400K DL: New characters from Hitoshi Yoneda.
  • 500K DL: New characters from Manabu Kusunoki.
  • 600K DL: New characters from Kimihiko Fujisaka.
  • 700K DL: New characters from Naoto Oshima, start development of Co-op battle mode.
  • 800K DL: Start production of a strategy guide book.
  • 900K DL: Music from the Terra Battle soundtrack will be free to download.
  • 1M DL: Terra Battle live concert, start production of battle scene illustrations, start development of VS battle mode.
  • 1.1M DL: Boss monster "Bearded Sakaguchi Boss" arrives!
  • 1.2M DL: New music from Nobuo Uematsu (part 2).
  • 1.3M DL: Start production of Terra Battle Art Book.
  • 1.4M DL: Start production of figure.
  • 1.5M DL: New scenario from Yasumi Matsuno, new characters from Yoshitaka Amano.
  • 2M DL: Start development on a console version of Terra Battle.