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How to unlock Rex in Risk of Rain 2

One of the most interesting Survivors in Risk of Rain 2 is called Rex. This odd little creature is a biomechanical unit that weakens enemies and heals for damage dealt. However, in order to unlock Rex, you’ll need to complete a difficult challenge called Power Plant. Here’s what you need to know.

Risk of Rain 2 | How to unlock Rex

Risk of Rain 2 - How to unlock Rex - Power Plant challenge

To unlock Rex in Risk of Rain 2, you need to complete the challenge called Power Plant. This requires you to repair the broken robot in the Abyssal Depths. Once you install the Fuel Array from the Escape Pod, Rex will be unlocked.

This isn’t as easy as it sounds. The Power Plant challenge is particularly difficult because of the part needed to repair the broken robot. The Fuel Array, which you can take from the back of the escape pod during the first environment, occupies your equipment slot. You need to carry it all the way to Abyssal Depths, one of the game’s fourth environments.

Losing the use of other equipment is not the only concern, though. While the Fuel Array is equipped, activating it will deal 300% damage to you. Put another way, trying to use it will kill you instantly. To make matters worse, the Fuel Array will automatically explode if you drop below 50% health.

To complete this challenge, you need to pull the Fuel Array in the first stage. Simply interact with the back of the escape pod to pick it up. After that, you cannot drop below half health, and you must bring it to Abyssal Depths specifically. The broken robot cannot be found in Siren’s Call.

The rest of the Power Plant challenge is a piece of cake. Use the jump pad in the center of the stage to reach the upper tiers. On a platform just shy of the highest tier you’ll find the broken robot. Interact with it while the Fuel Array is equipped and you’ll complete the challenge, which will unlock Rex in Risk of Rain 2.