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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Guide

Multiplayer Guide



1Danger CloseExplosive and scorestreak damage increased.
1Flak JacketTake less damage from explosives.
1LightweightMove faster.
1Low ProfileUnaffected by UAVs and Exo Ping.
1OverchargedBattery life on Exo abilities increased, shock enemies with boost slam
2Blind EyeCan't be detected by drones or scorestreaks with the exception of the UAV
2Cold-BloodedNot affected by thermal or target enhancers, and your name doesn't show up when enemies aim at you
2Fast HandsSprint and reload at the same time, and swap weapons faster
2Gung-HoSprint/slide and fire at the same time
2PeripheralsMini-map shows more of the environment
3Blast SuppressorEnemies don't see you on the map when using Exo abilities
3Hard WiredNot affected by EMPs, Nano Swarms, Stun Grenades, System Hacks, or scramblers.
3HardlineScorestreak costs decreased by 100
3ScavengerBegin with extra magazines and received ammo from dead enemies
3ToughnessYou don't react as much when shot



Aerial Assault Drone450Blow up enemies with this drone
Aerial Recon Drone350Tag enemies with this drone
Bombing Run725An aerial bombing run with manual controls
Missile Strike650Manually guide this missile and destroy enemies
Orbital Care Package500A care package falls from the sky and contains a random Scorestreak
Paladin950A paladin gunship that can be controlled manually
Remote Turret550A powerful turret that can be controlled manually
System Hack600Disrupt enemy HUDs and radars
UAV400Show the locations of enemies on the map
Warbird850This vehicle takes to the skies and attacks enemies remotely
XS1 Goliath775A suit of armor with deadly weapons that can be controlled manually
XS1 Vulcan600Energy from space that can be controlled manually



Bombardier (Lvl 27)Equip a second Exo Launcher in the Exo Ability slot
Overkill (Lvl 1)Equip a primary weapon in the secondary weapon slot
Perk 1 Greed (Lvl 17)Equip a second tier 1 Perk
Perk 2 Greed (Lvl 17)Equip a second tier 2 Perk
Perk 3 Greed (Lvl 17)Equip a second tier 3 Perk
Primary Gunfighter (Lvl 5)Equip a third attachment to your primary weapon
Secondary Gunfighter (Lvl 5)Equip a second attachment to your secondary weapon
Streaker (Lvl 37)Equip a fourth Scorestreak
Tactician (Lvl 1)Equip a second Exo Ability in the Exo Launcher slot

Game Modes

The following list details regular multiplayer modes in Advanced Warfare, but there are also hardcore and classic variations of some modes. Those ones are denoted by an asterisk (*).


  • Atlas Gorge: A playlist that deals exclusively with the Atlas Gorge map. Includes the other game modes in it.
  • Capture the Flag: A classic in which one team attempts to capture the opposing team's flag and bring it back to their own.
  • Combat Readiness Program: A limited mode against bots, in which no XP is given. As the title indicates, it really is a readiness program more so than a full-fledged game mode.
  • Domination*: Try to capture all control points on the map.
  • Free-for-All: Regular deathmatch, with no teams.
  • Ground War: A game type that accommodates more players. Includes the other game modes in it.
  • Hardpoint: Go to the hardpoint on the map and fight off enemies to score points. The hardpoint will shift on the map multiple times in a single game.
  • Infected: After a short amount of time one player becomes the "Infected," and the remaining players (the "Survivors") must survive a set amount of time or kill the Infected.
  • Kill Confirmed: Just like Team Deathmatch, except the only way to score points is to pick up dogtags from dead enemies.
  • Momentum: Attempt to capture the main flag and begin moving the capture point further into enemy territory. There are five flags in total and the goal is to capture all five points on the map. This is similar to the mode in World at War.
  • Search and Destroy*: Try to detonate the bombs or prevent the other team from doing so, depending on which side you're on. This mode only allows one life per round.
  • Search and Rescue: A combination of Search and Destroy and Kill Confirmed in which picking up an ally's dogtags revives them, while an opponent picking them up eliminates that player from the round.
  • Team Deathmatch*: Kill the opposing team and try to have the most kills when all is said and done.
  • Uplink


  • Exo Survival: A cooperative mode in which up to four players fight off waves of enemies. The maximum number of rounds is 25 and the waves reset after that, but the difficulty increases. When all players die the mode ends. Exo Survival allows players to withstand a lot more damage and enemies move around frequently. Upgrades can be purchased at certain spots on the map with points earned from killing enemies.