Spellbreak Roadmap | When is DLC coming?

Spellbreak Roadmap | When is DLC coming?

Proletariat Games’ Spellbreak roadmap lays out the game’s future. It’s got roughly what is coming to the battle royale as well as when those features and additions are arriving. There aren’t exact release dates yet, but here’s what Spellbreak DLC and fixes are coming in the near (and relatively far) future. Remember that this isn’t set in stone nor does it include stuff like bug fixes and whatnot.

Spellbreak Roadmap | Short-term

According to the official website, Proletariat is going to fix some bugs and add two new runes: Shadowstep and Chronomaster. The former lets you dash while being invisible. The latter rewinds time a bit sort of like Tracer from Overwatch. These should be in the game in the next month. You can see the Shadowstep rune in action here.

Spellbreak Roadmap | Mid-term

The next few features will come in the next one to three months. Chapters are the biggest feature as they are narrative explanations for the game’s mechanics. They’ll give weekly quests and have some story content. Completing them will yield cosmetic rewards. The prologue chapter will come in the first big patch, letting you meet Avira Emberdane (the woman from the tutorial).

Here are some other features that are coming:

  • A nine-on-nine deathmatch mode during the prologue
  • A “Holloween” event will also bring some new stuff to the store
  • Some new three-point talents
  • New consumables and a “gameplay-affecting one”

The second patch, also in this “mid-term” era, will reveal the Order of the Vowbreakers. They’ll give you a mission to investigate the Spellstorm and try to stop it. That’s vague but that’s all we know.

Spellbreak Roadmap | Long-term

Of course, this is just the beginning. These next additions will be added an undetermined period of time. These include:

  • More gauntlets, classes, elements, and runes
  • A ranked mode
  • Limited-time modes
  • Guilds

These are all pretty self-explanatory and are early in their development or designing stages at the studio. Proletariat even wants to know what kind of ranked modes its fanbase wants. The team team even revealed that the limited-time modes might be a testing ground for more permanent features.

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