Klarna Xbox Series X pre-order error | Have GAME and Smyths accepted my order?

Klarna is the bank being used by Xbox All Access retailers GAME and Smyths to sell the Xbox Series X and S, but buyers are finding that their orders aren’t being confirmed while they’re simultaneously being charged for a direct debit. Those who have tried to subscribe to Xbox All Access have received confirmation of their direct debit instruction to Klarna, though are seemingly being left empty-handed. So have GAME and Smyths accepted your Xbox Series X or S pre-order?

GAME and Smyths are the only two retailers in the UK distributing the Xbox Series X and S via Xbox All Access, Microsoft’s monthly payment program. Pre-orders using this method proved to be popular, with both sites going offline while dealing with technical difficulties. After both sites were pulled back online, buyers were seemingly able to sign up to Xbox All Access, with Klarna performing a credit check on subscribers to see if they could be accepted into the program. However, after this check has been performed, buyers are coming across errors such as the sites either timing out or their baskets appearing empty.

Are Klarna Xbox All Access pre-orders working?

xbox all access klarna

Klarna replied to us about this issue, stating that the direct debit applications aren’t confirmations of an order. According to Klarna, direct debits for applications that were not completed will not collect any funds from buyers for that particular order. However, if the buyer wishes to reapply, the direct debit that is already set up will be used, if the same banking details are used. If buyers no longer wish to reapply for the Xbox Series X or S via Xbox All Access, they must contact their bank to remove the direct debit with Klarna.

Smyths has also responded to this error, saying that it is aware of the issues being faced by customers when trying to subscribe to Xbox All Access with Klarna. Klarna is also asking buyers to DM their details via Twitter in order to investigate the issues further.

If you have attempted to purchase an Xbox Series or S via Xbox All Access and have instead faced an error page after applying with Klarna, you will need to either wait until the next-gen Xbox consoles are available to purchase in order to reapply, or cancel your direct debit.