Rainbow Six Siege | Why has Vote-to-Kick been removed?

Has Rainbow Six Siege Vote-to-Kick been removed? Following the game’s latest update, players are reporting that the Vote-to-Kick function has been removed from the game. You can no longer vote to kick players from matches that are seemingly purposefully dragging your team down. Why has the Rainbow Six Siege Vote-to-Kick feature been removed? Read on to find out the reasons why the previously requested feature has been removed from the game.

Discover below why the Vote-to-Kick option has been removed from Rainbow Six Siege.

Has Vote-to-Kick been removed from Rainbow Six Siege?

Rainbow SIx Siege Vote-to-Kick

Yes, the Vote-to-Kick feature has been removed from Rainbow Six Siege. Following the game’s 1.94 update, you can no longer use Vote-to-Kick in Rainbow Six Siege. Previously, you could only make use of the feature in the game’s Quick Match playlist. After some deliberation on the function, the development team has decided to remove Vote-to-Kick. From this point on, in Quick Match, you are stuck with your teammates, whether you like them or not.

Why has Rainbow Six Siege Vote-to-Kick been removed?

Ubisoft removed Vote-to-Kick because the feature was being abused by players. In its 1.94 update patch notes, Ubisoft confirmed that the feature has been removed from Quick Play. It’s explained that Vot-to-Kick is “a highly abused feature used as a disruption tool.” Ubisoft adds, too, that Vote-to-Kick was “considered by most to be a pain point” in the Quick Play playlist.

We can only imagine the number of people kicked from teams for no reason. Thankfully, this can no longer happen following the removal of the feature. This does mean, however, that you can no longer kick cheating players or those purposefully ruining your games from Quick Play. Considering Quick Play should be for those not too bothered who they’re paired with or go up against, the removal of Vote-to-Kick should make the game somewhat more friendly from now on.