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Has Among Us 2 Been Canceled? | Is there a new release date?

Has Among Us 2 been canceled? Is there a new Among Us 2 release date? With the original Among Us recently exploding in popularity, the last thing anybody expected to hear is that the sequel might be in trouble. Stick with this guide to find out if Among Us 2 has really been canceled for PC, iOS, and Android.

Has Among Us 2 Been Canceled?

has Among Us 2 been canceled?

Yes, Among Us 2 has been canceled. Developer InnerSloth confirmed the news in an official blog post published on Wednesday, September 23.

Although the cancelation of Among Us 2 sounds like a bad thing, it’s actually great news for existing players. Rather than releasing an Among Us sequel that could split the player base, the dev team has chosen to continue updating the original.

“All of the content we had planned for Among Us 2 will instead go into Among Us 1,” InnerSloth said. That means fans still get to experience everything that Among Us 2 would have offered, only within the existing game that they already own.

So, although it sounds disappointing on the surface, canceling Among Us 2 actually benefits gamers on the whole.

Is there a new Among Us 2 release date?

Among Us 2 release date

There isn’t an Among Us 2 release date. The game has been canceled, though its planned content will be added to the original Among Us instead.

While this version of Among Us 2 has been canceled, it is, of course, possible that an all-new Among Us 2 could happen in the future. Once support for the original title has eventually run its course, InnerSloth could release an official Among Us sequel. Although nothing has been confirmed at this time, again, it’s definitely possible that we could get a full-blown Among Us 2 at some stage.

If that time comes, we’ll have a new Among Us 2 release date to share. Until then, however, there is no Among Us 2 release date following the game’s cancelation.