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How to get Slaying Moon in Call of Duty: Warzone

Personalizing your loadout is the best way to express yourself in Call of Duty: Warzone. Fortunately, there are plenty of weapon mods to choose from, and fresh new blueprints are made available regularly. One of the newest is Slaying Moon, a vibrant legendary variant of the base M13. Here’s how to get the Slaying Moon blueprint in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone.

Call of Duty: Warzone | How to get Slaying Moon M13

How to get Slaying Moon M13 blueprint in Warzone

Slaying Moon is a legendary tier M13 assault rifle in Call of Duty:Warzone. The weapon includes various pieces of kit to increase accuracy and control at the expense of mobility. You can get it through the Mara: Kawaii Cat bundle in the Call of Duty Store.

The Slaying Moon M13, also known as Luna Assassina, is one of the games’ boldest-looking weapons. It’s an eye-catcher thanks to its neon blue and orange color scheme and kawaii-inspired decals.

It’s also a very balanced weapon. The M13 is already one of the best assault rifles in the game, and this legendary tier variant lives up to that standard. This version includes a muzzle compensator, Viper Reflex sight, Commando Foregrip, 5mW laser optic, and Rubberized Grip Tape on the rear.

If you want to get the Slaying Moon for yourself, you’ll need to purchase it from the Call of Duty Store. The blueprint available through the Mara: Kawaii Cat bundle, which also packs in a load of extra items:

  • Notice Meow Mara Skin
  • Aomi Dual Kodachis blueprint
  • Nyannyan charm
  • Kawaiicopter Helicopter Skin
  • Kawaii Metal APC skin
  • Just Purrfect calling card
  • Mara Cat emblem
  • Mi Amor Mara quip
  • Queen of Spades Mara finishing move

All of the items carry the same brightly-colored motif. Of course, that means the bundle cost is fairly high, as it’s currently listed for purchase at 2,400 COD Points. It’s expensive for sure, but it’s also one of the biggest bundles currently available.

You may find the Slaying Moon in Warzone during regular play, but if you want to unlock it for future use, you’ll have to pay. Fortunately, you can get it by purchasing the Mara: Kawaii Cat bundle through the in-game store.