Box art - Mafia: Definitive Edition

Can you ride trains and streetcars in Mafia: Definitive Edition?

In the original Mafia, players could ride the various trains and streetcars that serve as public transportation in Lost Heaven. Chilling out and riding through the city was a unique experience, one which added to player immersion. Fans of Mafia 1 are wondering if that same vibe can be captured in Mafia: Definitive Edition.

Are trains and streetcars in Mafia: Definitive Edition ridable?

Unfortunately, you can’t ride trains and streetcars in Mafia: Definitive Edition. Both vehicles are still present, and public transportation still makes its rounds on Lost Heaven’s West, Central, and East Lines. However, besides a cutscene at the beginning of one mission, Tommy can’t board a train or trolly.

It’s unfortunate that this feature has been removed from Mafia: Definitive Edition because it added a small but vital way to enjoy the city in the original game. There are not many things to do outside of the story in Mafia: Definitive Edition, and even in Freeride mode, the open world is underutilized.

The lack of small, immersive interactivity in Mafia: Definitive Edition detracts from the overall package, but the removal of train and streetcar riding isn’t without precedent in the series. Mafia 2 features train tracks circuiting Empire Bay which are also unusable. Mafia 3 also had a full rail and tram network, and no trains or streetcars are seen running on them outside of cutscenes.

While fans were upset with the lack of trains and streetcars in Mafia 2 and 3 (as well as Mafia: Definitive Edition), the devs gave no reason for their removal. Sure, it might seem like a superfluous feature, but the numerous forum posts over the years about its removal signifies that it meant a lot to fans.

As for whether the devs will add ridable trains and streetcars in a future update, don’t count on it. Fans asked for the feature to be patched in for both Mafia 2 and 3, and it was never restored.