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How to unlock Harvester’s Scythe in Risk of Rain 2

One of the single most useful items in Risk of Rain 2 is the Harvester’s Scythe. Not only does it increase your chance to land a critical hit, it can keep you alive when fights get chaotic. However, in order to unlock the Harvester’s Scythe, you’re going to have to complete a potentially difficult trial. Here’s what you have to do to get it and a few ideas on what kind of builds you can use it for.

Risk of Rain 2 | How to unlock Harvester’s Scythe

How to unlock Harvester's Scythe - Prismatically Aligned challenge

The Harvester’s Scythe in Risk of Rain 2 grants +5% critical hit chance and heals you for 8 (+4 per stack) health with each critical hit. To unlock it, you need to complete the Prismatically Aligned challenge by completing a Prismatic Trial.

This item can be either very hard or very easy to unlock. It all comes down to the Prismatic Trial itself, which will include random objectives. If you’re having trouble completing one, wait up to 72 hours for a new Trial to appear. The new one may be much easier than the previous one.

Remember that with Prismatic Trials, you only need to survive to the end of the second stage. If you can make it that far, you’re golden.

It’s worth the effort, because the Harvester’s Scythe is without a doubt one of the most helpful items in the game. Critical hits work well with every character and every single build. Furthermore, getting healed for critical hits is a great way to stay alive when enemies start swarming. In fact, healing can become a build all on its own.

How to use Harvester’s Scythe | Best Builds

To make the most of the Harvester’s Scythe, you’ll want to focus on items that boost critical hit rate. These include Lens-Maker’s Glasses, Predatory Instincts, and the Oculur HUD equipment. With the Harvester’s Scythe in your inventory, each critical hit will heal you for a set amount. With enough critical-boosting items (coupled with the ever-useful 57-Leaf Clover) you’ll get to a point where all hits are critical, and thus every hit restores health.

Once you’re at that point, you can use that healing for other effects. N’kuhana’s Opinion is perfect for dealing damage, as it stores healing energy and releases it as enemy-tracking skull missiles. This is especially effective for the Engineer’s turrets, particularly when combined with Bustling Fungus. The Aegis is another good choice, as healing above full will grant a temporary barrier.

Healing is the best way to reach deep into Risk of Rain 2 runs, and the Harvester’s Scythe is the perfect way to stay healed. Even if your build isn’t focused on critical hits, one or two of these can keep your Survivor alive when you’re surrounded by enemies.